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8x8 Referral Rewards


With 8x8 Referral Rewards you earn generous cash rewards.

There is no complex math or payments spread over time. Simply refer 8x8 to a colleague or friend. When they purchase service, we’ll thank you with $100 for each qualifying extension.* It’s the most lucrative program in the industry!

Earn $100 per seat or extension of:

    • Virtual Office Unlimited or Global extension
    • Virtual Contact Center seat

For example:

3 extensions = $300
10 extensions = $1,000
150 extensions = $15,000

When we close the sale, you will reap your rewards!

To get started, setup your online account by completing the quick registration form, and start referring immediately.


*Minimum 3 seats or extensions. Up to a maximum of $15,000 per referral. Click here to view program terms and conditions