AudioCodes MP 118 VoIP Gateway

AudioCodes gateways help enterprises use older phone technologies with today's VoIP service by translating VoIP transmissions from SIP into analog audio. This can help you use phones and old legacy modem and fax systems. Your organization can save money and access better phone service.

In this article, you can learn more about how AudioCodes Media Pack gateways work and whether your organization would benefit from one. Find out more about what these gateways do for VoIP service and how they make access possible. Save money and get better phone service while keeping the same phones, networking equipment, and more from your previous phone service.

If you'd like to bring your own device (BYOD) to a VoIP plan, a VoIP gateway can make that possible. Here's how AudioCodes can help.

What is an AudioCodes MP 118 VoIP Gateway?

An AudioCodes gateway can be used to connect legacy phone devices to VoIP systems. The AudioCodes Media Pack series gateways are completely interoperable with softswitches and SIP servers, so you can have your older VoIP phone systems working with today's SIP protocols.

These analog gateways can help enterprises get the most value out of their legacy phone system technologies. As such, they can help you save money and provide your organization with high-quality phone audio that still is completely compatible with earlier technology. It can also help to make the transition over to VoIP a bit easier as you have a longer window of time to transition over all of your departments and get the technology upgrades you need.

What is a VoIP Gateway?

VoIP gateways allow enterprise VoIP systems to communicate with and through older analog phone technologies. This can enable your company to integrate legacy phone systems into your phone system while benefiting from improved VoIP service.

Thanks to the many benefits of VoIP, more and more companies are switching over. Gateways and adapters make this transition much easier.

How do AudioCodes Gateways Adapt Analog Phones and Connections?

Generally, gateways follow this process to adapt analog phones and connections to VoIP service:

  • Call initiation: The call is initiated by the VoIP service or by a caller outside the network who is trying to reach the VoIP subscriber.
  • Call connection: The call is connected by the server(s) running the VoIP service. From there, communications sent through the network are filtered through the adapter before reaching legacy phone technologies.
  • Adapter use: As needed, data packets in SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are translated into a language and format that the analog equipment understands. The adapter can translate voice from the legacy equipment into SIP for the benefit of the VoIP service and equipment, too.

With AudioCodes gateway features designed for the needs of enterprises, there's plenty of ways your device supports the strength of your network:

  • Standalone Survivability: If your network goes down, your AudioCodes device can keep going independently to help keep your network up and running.
  • Secured Zero Touch Provisioning: Your AudioCodes device can do provisioning automatically with much less involvement from administrators, providing your network with the configuring and provisioning it needs for new device activation.

Analog port support: Support for up to 2 to 24 different analog ports.

With these and other features, your gateway enables you to get more out of your network and older phone equipment. Use the phones you already have and still upgrade your phone service to VoIP without worrying about device compatibility with newer protocols.

Getting Started with AudioCodes Gateways

AudioCodes gateways enable your organization to keep legacy equipment working and recoup the investment you've already made in your phones. With a VoIP gateway, you don't have to worry about whether or not your legacy phone devices are compatible with the newer SIP protocols. Your gateway translates phone service traffic so your older phones can understand everything and provide crisp audio over the network.

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