Understanding Call Center Software

Customers are undoubtedly the lifeblood of any company or enterprise. The modern-day competition is all about who brings the better service to customers, and the results speak for themselves. Companies who provide better customer care perform better in terms of brand reputation and overall sales.

To achieve excellent customer service, an efficient and robust call center software is essential. A call center software is a management suite that effectively manages the communication channels between the customer and your phone teams. From managing calls and tracking call center metrics to workforce management, call center software is a vital tool to engage with customers or prospects.

Some of the key features of a call center software include:

Multi-channel communication: A call center software is a step above the regular phone system. Apart from making voice calls, call center agents can communicate with customers across multiple channels such as live chat, conferencing, email, or even respond to social media messages through a single interface.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR is a useful feature of a call center software that takes care of the callers before/after they are connected to the concerned agents. This happens through an automated greetings message, service prompts menu and more.

Call Routing & Escalation Management: Call routing is one of the key features of a call center software that enhances the overall productivity of your customer support team. The software automatically routes the calls to appropriate agents and also monitors the performance. With escalation management, agents can easily transfer the call to the manager in cases where the customer issue is complex and out of the scope of an agent’s responsibilities.

Real-time Analytics and Historical Reporting: This feature essentially provides your managers with key performance metrics and reports based on real-time activity to make intelligent business decisions quickly. Metrics such as calls per day/per agent/per department, call abandoning rate, average duration and more can help in improving the overall performance of the call center.

Integration with Other Business Tools: The functional capabilities of a call center software can be extended further by integrating key business apps such as CRM, project management tools and back office solutions. Integration of customer data thus opens up new upselling opportunities, increases conversion rates and helps your agents to serve the customers with a personalized approach.

Call Center Software for Your Business: Choosing the Right One

Call center software systems are typically available in two types—on-premise systems and cloud-hosted call center systems. With on-premise solutions, you’ll require installing the hardware and software locally, which although gives you more control of your phone system but is highly expensive. Besides, regularly maintaining the server, software upgrades and hardware replacements often incur additional cost to run your call center smoothly.

Cloud-hosted call center systems, on the contrary, are highly flexible and cost-effective. With the call center software installed on the cloud, you no longer need to download or install the software locally. The system can be accessed easily from anywhere, thus eliminating the need to maintain the costly IT infrastructure. It takes a few minutes to deploy a cloud-hosted call center software without worrying about any setup cost.

Integrating a call center software to the working of a company is a tried and trusted method to gain customer engagement and interaction. The reason why it is so crucial in 2018 and beyond is that customers have become more vocal than ever before and they have more than one medium to voice their queries. Therefore, they do not want to spend their time waiting for a successful connection. For businesses, it is crucial to take every single query and suggestions from their customers into consideration. Otherwise, they will look elsewhere to get the products or service that they need.

From a company’s standpoint, using a call center software brings in the following advantages:

  • Lower call waiting times
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction
  • Increases call center efficiency
  • Better brand image
  • Better management of call center services

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