For call centers and other businesses that require high levels of customer contact, a wireless headset for phone use can be a game-changer. These relatively inexpensive devices offer small and midsize businesses a simple, cost-effective way to create a more productive work environment for employees.

Five Ways Using a Wireless Headset for Phone Use Boosts Employee Creativity

From increased comfort to improved communication, here are five ways that using a wireless headset can pump up employee productivity in your office.

1. Better Accessibility

Employees using traditional corded headsets often find themselves tethered to their phones and computers with little room to move. Cords can be unwieldy, catching in drawers or beneath chair wheels, and users must either unplug their headset or remove it completely prior to leaving their workstation, all of which can lead to accidentally dropped calls and lowered productivity.

Wireless office headsets typically have a substantial range for effective use, giving phone operators the freedom to move about their workspace and facilitating access to resources while maintaining contact with callers. By providing this flexibility, wireless headsets can pave the way for decreased call times, fewer lost calls, higher caller satisfaction, and ultimately, increased effectiveness.

2. Time-saving Walk-and-Talk Functionality

Many wireless headsets let operators answer their phones remotely. This means employees aren't stuck at their desks while awaiting important calls and can still be easily reachable as they move throughout the office.

This effectively reduces time wasted while waiting for calls to come in. It may also result in fewer missed calls and less time spent listening to voice mail and engaging in time-consuming phone tag.

3. Reduction in Background Noise

Even in small businesses, background noise can be distracting and may reduce work output. Many wireless headsets have a binaural design and come with noise-canceling or noise-reducing features to promote concentration, letting employees focus on important calls for increased productivity.

4. Clear Communication

When a phone operator uses a wireless headset, the microphone is designed to stay in the same position regardless of how often they move, keeping volume and voice strength consistent throughout the call. This makes it easier for the caller to understand what's being said, resulting in clearer phone conversations and more effective communication. It enables the efficient resolution of issues and increases overall employee output.

5. Comfort

Comfortable employees are effective employees, and wireless headsets can greatly reduce the discomfort that comes with using a traditional handset. According to experts at the Cleveland Clinic, even mobile phones, when used for extended periods of time, can lead to neck and shoulder pain. This discomfort can impair a team member's ability to be productive.

By providing employees with a wireless headset for work, you're creating a more ergonomic environment for phone users and reducing productivity loss that can result from extended daily phone use. Wireless headsets may also minimize the work loss that may come from pain-related employee absences.

Provide Your Employees With Productivity-Boosting Technology

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