What are the benefits of building a more connected business?

Over the past decade, large scale tech migrations have become commonplace as new cloud technologies and systems have become widely available.

However, for a business that is thinking about digital transformation, it’s sometimes easy to jump straight to the negatives. For example, I don’t have to go into much detail on TSB and the disruption that its online banking customers went through during a move to a new platform for you to know exactly what I’m talking about.

The fact is, digital transformation isn’t about IT ‘plumbing’ hidden in the background, it is something very much in the spotlight and involves everyone’s buy-in. It’s important that people throughout the company understand that it’s not all about the challenges and that there are actually multiple benefits.

One way to get people on board is showing how digital transformation can make your business more connected, and ultimately help employees work more effectively.

First, it is key in today’s competitive business climate that companies can easily work with their partners. A business that has moved to the cloud will find it much easier to communicate with suppliers. It’s essential that companies of all sizes are part of a wider ecosystem where they can communicate with partners instantly, without interruption – whether that be email, phone or messenger.

Having a connected business also enables a company to provide outstanding experiences for customers. For example, with the right system in place, staff can resolve a query first time as they are able to invite the best experts into a call or chat – gone are the days of customers being passed from pillar to post searching for the right department to speak to. With the right tools employees can also view a customer’s entire history on screen with just one click and therefore have the knowledge to inform responses without repeating questions that could have already been asked – something customers find very frustrating.

Connected businesses can also bridge gaps that may have existed historically within an organisation. For example, a cloud platform that contains one set of data, one workflow and analytics engine that anyone in the business can access creates complete transparency between departments. This type of technology also makes it easier for staff to communicate with one another – as a result you have a more productive workforce.

Companies that embrace digital transformation and become a fully connected business are not only capable of providing truly outstanding customer service, but can also break down communications barriers internally. This means employees that are better equipped to do their jobs – and are happier doing so, which brings multiple benefits across the board.

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David Chase


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