Are you interested in web-based unified messaging for your business?

Your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system lets you streamline your communications. You'll have one central hub for voice, texting, email, fax and even meetings. This boosts productivity and collaboration no matter where your team members are. It also makes it easy to scale up as your business grows.

Here’s what you need to know about web-based unified messaging.

What Is Web-Based Unified Messaging?

A study found that 85% of employees use more than one communication device at work, while 32% use three or more. It can be difficult to keep up with conversations and respond to messages fast. Emails, voicemails, faxes and texts are all separated from each other. Remembering complicated meeting logins adds another layer of challenges.

Unified messaging integrates all your company’s communications. Your staff can log onto the network from any internet-connected device. They'll have access to all their business communications in a single place. You can even conduct meetings right from the platform. This allows your team to get more done and makes it easy to scale your business.

Benefits of Implementing UCaaS and Unified Messaging

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is the heart of web-based unified messaging. It’s an enhanced software solution that uses your VoIP system. UCaaS simplifies collaboration and communications throughout your organization.

Cloud-based communications are faster and more reliable than other options. VoIP is a cost-effective solution that lets you integrate voice, messaging, video calls and conferencing for a globally dispersed team. There is no need to sync messages or worry about missing important emails or faxes.

You don’t need to rely on copper landlines or public switch telephone networks (PTSN). All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

Features of Web-Based Unified Messaging

Web-based unified messaging will boost productivity, streamline communications and enhance collaboration throughout your organization. Here are a few key features:

Sending Voicemails Over IP

According to CBS News, only 33% of people listen to voicemail from business contacts. Just 18% listen to voicemail from unfamiliar numbers. Yet voice conversations are still a key part of conducting business.

The problem with traditional voicemail is that it’s a pain for both senders and receivers. Senders worry that their message will not be received. Receivers must log in to the system and take notes or try to remember the information.

Web-based unified messaging simplifies and improves voicemail in several key ways:

  • Customization: Web-based unified messaging lets you create custom greetings. You can also add hold music or play special messages when callers are on hold. You can even add a special message for those who call after business hours.
  • Numerous recipients: Many callers need to speak to more than one person. Web-based unified messaging lets callers make just one call to leave messages for several recipients.
  • Call forwarding: With web-based unified messaging, you can forward voicemails to email. Read them at your leisure and keep a record of what was said.

Sending Emails Over IP

Email is the bane of many people’s work lives. According to DMR, the average office worker receives 121 emails per day. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to read and reply to all emails while still getting work done. Yet email is incredibly important to business.

Web-based unified messaging makes it easier with several features:

  • Single communication system: Web-based unified messaging puts all your communication in one inbox. There is no need to separately log in to your email throughout the day.
  • Organization: With web-based unified messaging, all your communications, including emails, are easy to organize. Find the information you need in an instant, no matter how it was sent.
  • Audio attachments: If you need to send audio, you can do it all in one spot. There's no need to switch back and forth between communication systems. Just add your audio attachment to your email right in your dashboard.

Sending Faxes Over IP

Fax technology is largely obsolete. Yet faxing is actually growing in popularity, according to a March 2019 Washington Postarticle. There are many reasons for this, most of them security-related.

The biggest problem with traditional faxes is that you need to be close to a fax machine connected to a phone line. Web-based unified messaging solves this problem:

  • Send or receive anywhere: With web-based unified messaging, there is no need to sit by a fax machine. You can send or receive faxes wherever you are, and then print them out at your convenience.
  • Logs: You can easily review time stamps and sender details on all your faxes. You don't need to dig out the physical copies.
  • Forwarding: It’s easy to forward your faxes to colleagues even when you’re not near a fax machine.
  • Notifications: You can set up your system to notify you when a fax has arrived.

Single Number Reach

Do you give out numerous phone numbers to important contacts? No one likes to chase people down by separately trying their work, home and cell numbers. With web-based unified messaging, you can provide a single number.

  • Answering options: You can accept incoming calls or transfer them to your voicemail.
  • Off hours: You can set up the system to accept calls during your work hours. Send them to voicemail after hours, on weekends, holidays and when you go on vacation.

Increase Your ROI With Web-Based Unified Messaging

To maximize your return on investment (ROI) in your business, cut costs on the services that don’t help your business. Invest in products that help your business grow.

Web-based unified messaging increases your ROI in many important ways:

  • Lower communication costs: There's no need to invest in several different communication systems. Use a single web-based solution to connect your teams to each other and to your clients.
  • Increased productivity: Even if all your employees are in the same office, it can be tough to coordinate your work. Sending an email and waiting for a response takes time. So does walking back and forth to catch people when they’re in their offices. Even leaving voicemails can bog down projects. With web-based unified messaging, team members can check whether a coworker is available.
  • Better close rates: Sales teams work together to close sales. Yet one member of the team doesn’t always know what the others are doing. With web-based unified messaging, a salesperson can grab someone who is available. This makes it easier to close deals quickly.
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction: Web-based unified messaging makes life easier. Customers enjoy streamlined contact and faster response times. Employees appreciate the simplicity of a single communication system. Happier customers and employees can dramatically boost your bottom line.

8x8's Web Based Unified Messaging: Empower Your Employees

Communication is a key factor in any business. Improved communication has a strong positive impact on employees. When employees have the tools they need, they feel empowered. They have a deeper sense of ownership for their projects. This encourages them to pay more attention to goals and metrics. Ultimately, communication improves results.

Let 8x8 help you provide your employees with the communication tools they need. Unified messaging features keep your entire enterprise connected. It doesn't matter which devices your team members use or where in the world they are. With streamlined functionality, your employees can communicate without delays.

8x8 unified messaging features include:

  • A single platform for emails, voice, faxes, text messaging and meetings
  • A global employee directory
  • Seamless business integrations
  • Easy collaboration with other businesses, customers, clients and partners
  • Customizable for businesses with 10 to 10,000 employees or more
  • APIs (application programming interfaces) for bot development support
  • More effective team building

Harvard Business Review Study on the Importance of Communication

In 2006, researchers from the Harvard Business School conducted a study on the performance of elite heart surgeons. They looked at outcomes when surgeons worked with teams they knew. They then looked at the same surgeons when they were working in unfamiliar settings. Across 38,000 procedures, outcomes were better when surgeons worked with trusted teams.

A follow-up study in the field of software development showed similar results. The implications are clear. Even superstars do their best work when they can rely on a strong, trustworthy team to help them succeed.

To build a successful team and develop trust, communication is essential. All team members should feel heard, respected and valued. They also need to know that they can get in touch with their teammates when needed. A web-based unified messaging system helps employees connect regardless of their physical location.

Why 8x8?

8x8's web-based unified messaging system makes it easy to set up and customize communications. The system works across various devices and geographic locations.

Here are some reasons to choose the unified communications suite from 8x8:

  • Team chats for improved cohesion and workflow management
  • A single system for all types of communications
  • Mobile integration software for remote workers
  • Public and private chat settings

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Whether you are using the Virtual Office Mobile app or the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, 8x8 makes collaboration quick and simple. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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