VoIP free calling is a no-cost service offered by some VoIP providers online. It offers simplified VoIP phone services that individuals and some small businesses use for basic communications. While it does offer a few solid options, it has limitations that may mean it's not the right service for a majority of users, including most businesses.

In this article, you can read more about how VoIP free calling works and who may benefit the most from a free VoIP calling plan.

What Is VoIP Free Calling?

Free VoIP services offer some limited features and may allow you to obtain a unique phone number. By launching these software programs from your computer browser, you can start using free VoIP services and accessing your own free phone minutes.

Compared with paid VoIP plans, these free services are often limited. They don't have all of the features paid plans to offer, and may not be suitable for the needs of businesses.

Here's what you can generally expect with a free VoIP calling service:

  • A phone number or account name: Generally, you can call other users through a VoIP account service name. You don't, however, always have access to your own phone number that can be dialled and called just like other phone numbers.
  • Free minutes: You may be allowed to have a set number of minutes through a free plan, and after using up these minutes you may be asked to pay for service or upgrade your plan.
  • For businesses, in particular, this may not offer enough to fulfil the calling needs of multiple users. Advanced VoIP features are generally not free, either. And since only very limited support is offered, there is little recourse for users who encounter problems while using the service or who need basic troubleshooting to help with getting started.

How Does VoIP Free Calling Work?

Typically, you would sign up for free service by creating an account name and number. You may only be able to call others with a free account with the same service. To make calls, you'll provide your account name and information to other VoIP users, who can then connect with you directly.

Place a call by following instructions from your free VoIP service to choose a call recipient, dial and start the call. In-call features such as basic video calls may also be available.

Unfortunately, free VoIP calling has the following limitations:

  • No 911 service: Many free services don't offer emergency service, and you'd have to turn to another phone service if you ever need to call for emergency help.
  • No troubleshooting help: If you need help with your VoIP service, free services have few options for users to get help solving their service issues.
  • Self-serve implementation: During the implementation or setup process, you have only a few online guides and have few live support options beyond posting in forums or doing your own online research. This is only for fairly tech-savvy users who are comfortable supporting their own service needs.
  • Account restrictions: Many free accounts are restricted. For instance, only PC-to-PC calls may be supported, making it difficult to call non-VoIP subscribers, cell phone users and other non-internet phone numbers.

With these and other issues, businesses and subscribers who are looking for consistently reliable service should consider plans offering more features and services than free plans can provide.

Where Can You Find Free VoIP Service?

Free VoIP service is available from a few VoIP providers online. Because VoIP phone service is provided through the internet, there is little maintenance required for the connection, and it's generally easy for free service providers to offer a few different simplified VoIP services without charge.

To gain access to other features, your provider may ask you to upgrade or start using a paid plan. These plans can offer a few added features for subscribers to take advantage of, too.

Getting Started With VoIP

Free VoIP service offers a few limited features, but may not be enough for businesses or users wanting better support and fewer limitations. It's not a full alternative to unified communications.

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