8x8 Tip for Virtual Contact Center: Set Agent Status to Busy

tip_for_vcc_300x240Virtual Contact Center Feature Tip: Set Status to Busy

Imagine your agents receiving incoming calls while they are busy handling an outbound call, simply because they forgot to change their status.

This is not a desirable situation, especially if an agent is in the middle of a high-priority call.

Fortunately, this situation is easy to remedy. Here’s how to set up Virtual Contact Center to automatically change your agents’ status to busy during outbound calls.

How to Automatically Set Your Agents’ Status to Busy

You can configure agents’ status to automatically change to busy by routing the call through an outbound phone queue. To configure this routing:

  • Create outbound phone queues and assign agents.
  • Define outbound phone codes and associate each code to an outbound queue.
  • Assign the codes to the agents.

This means that when an agent assigned to the codes dials out, he or she is presented with a selection of codes. When the agent selects a code, the call is routed through the specified queue and instantly changes the agent’s status to busy.

For example, if you want your Customer Support agents’ status to change to busy during outbound calls:

  • Create an outbound phone queue and assign all your Support agents to the queue.
  • Create an outbound phone code list, add a code, and specify the call routing queue
  • Assign this list to the Support agent group.

Now when a Customer Support agent dials out, the call is automatically routed through the support queue and changes the agent status to busy! No more incoming calls, no more divided attention!

You can tap Outbound Phone Codes for a variety of purposes, to set up caller ID options, determine the purpose of a call, and manage agents’ status during outbound calls. Simple to set up, yet so powerful!

For documentation on Virtual Contact Center features, visit support.8x8.com. 

Nalini Anathamurthy


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