Virtual Contact Center Shortcuts Can Improve Agent Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts can improve call center agents' productivityVirtual Contact Center Feature Tip: Improve Contact Center Agents’ Productivity with Shortcuts

In a contact center environment, agents are constantly monitored for their efficiency in processing calls. When it comes to achieving good performance metrics, saving just a few seconds on every call can really improve an agent’s stats.
For example, during a call, agents might be required to:

  • Select channel routing before dialing out using Outbound Phone Codes
  • Indicate call disposition using Transaction Codes

Browsing through multiple code lists and selecting desired codes for each call can really slow down the call flow and hurt agents’ performance. You can whittle this time down significantly by using 8x8 Virtual Contact Center’s keyboard shortcuts, which minimize the time in selecting the codes by reducing the number of clicks in the call flow. And as agents get familiar with the code list selections, this feature eliminates the need to manually invoke multiple code lists for each call, boosting productivity.

How to Use Shortcuts

Agents can use the following shortcuts while logged into the Agent Console:

  • To select Transaction codes, use F2 t nn (where t = Transaction Code nn = Number associated with each code). Within each code list, each code is numbered from 01 onwards as shown here.For example, to select the second code in the following list, press F2 t 02
  • To select Outbound Phone Codes, use F2 d nn (where d = outbound phone code nn = code number)

Important: Keep the cursor focus in the Control Panel while using the shortcuts.

To select an outbound phone code using a keyboard shortcut:

  • Enter a phone number to call in the Phone Number entry box.Type F2 d nn to select the desired outbound phone code from the code list, where nn stands for the code number.The desired code is selected and the call is dialed out through the desired channel as shown below.vcc_tip_08-2013_3

Selecting an outbound phone code using keyboard shortcut

To select a transaction code using keyboard shortcuts:

  • During a call, Type F2 t to bring up the Transaction Code list, and then select a code from the list.
    Type F2 t nn to select a desired transaction code where nn stands for the transaction code number in the list. The call disposition associated with the code is saved. vcc_tip_08-2013_4Selecting a transaction code using keyboard shortcutNote: While selecting a code using the shortcut, always choose lower case d or t. Also, enter numbers with a leading zero, so type 01 instead of 1.The following table summarizes the correct way to format shortcuts and lists invalid entries.vcc_tip_08-2013_5

If multiple transaction code lists are applicable to an interaction, you can only choose codes from the first list using the keyboard shortcuts.
Over time, saving a few seconds here and there add up. For more time-saving ideas, check out these hints and tips.

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