With video conferencing’s stratospheric growth recently, customers are demanding better experiences and more features as the technology becomes woven in the fabric of daily life.

Our users are our foundation, and your feedback is critical to helping us continue to respond to your needs as your usage of Meetings grows. And we listened! We’re pleased to announce the introduction of 9 new features to enhance your Meetings experience.

  1. 100 active participants — All versions of 8x8 Video Meetings will support up to 100 active participants
  2. End to End (e2e) Encryption Preview — Following up on our prototype announcement, you can now try e2e encryption in supported browsers (see details below)
  3. Audio/Video Controls — We have made it easier to select which microphone and camera you want to use in your meeting
  4. Full Safari and Firefox Browser Support — Previously, these browsers offered limited support, but you can have the full 8x8 Meetings and Jitsi Meetings experience right inside Safari and Firefox just like in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, among other browsers
  5. New Meetings Analytics — Powered by 8x8 Callstats.io, 8x8 Video Meetings Pro Users and those using Video Meetings with X Series now have access to detailed information that can improve meeting performance and efficiency
  6. Video Quality Management — Bandwidth controls were previously limited to multi-party meetings, now you have more control over one-on-one meetings to get improved audio and video quality
  7. Improved User Mute Controls — One of the most requested features is now available. It is common for some users to connect via an audio-only connection like when a user is in a vehicle. Now with a click, you can auto-mute those users.
  8. Improved Audio Sharing — PC Users can share system audio, Mac users can share in-browser audio
  9. YouTube Video Sharing Beta — Currently only available on Jitsi Meet, stream a YouTube video within a meeting so all your participants can watch together
  10. Personalized Branding — Meetings Pro and X Series Meetings will support the ability to customize branding by allowing admins to change the logo, the background and assign a customized URL

You can get a lot more details about all our new features and capabilities here. And be sure to visit our web site for helpful information and resources on Meetings.