8x8 Introduces Role-Based Access Controls to 8x8 Admin Console to Provide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Administrators with Improved Control, Flexibility Security and Provisioning Capabilities

At 8x8, we focus a lot of our energies on helping IT admins be great at their jobs. We think it is important to simplify IT administration and bring automation to processes. This includes investments in new features that give them more flexibility and control to manage users while also meeting enterprise requirements like compliance and security.

So with both IT admins and security officers in mind, we are happy to introduce Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) available in 8x8 Admin Console. These features enhance your ability to control your environment with more flexibility, and security while being easy-to-use.

IT admins today are very concerned about reducing costs and complexity in their environments. This is why limiting access to information and IT resources are critical. Access controls can help ensure data integrity, applications, and systems by limiting access to only an organization’s authorized users. RBACs are essential to a zero-trust approach to unified communications to support security, regulation compliance and granular control for administrators.

We’re confident our new RBAC features will help you save time, decrease security risks and support successful compliance audits.

More Control

With Role-Based Access Controls IT leaders can:

  • Create a company administrator who can designate permissions to specific administrators for functions such as billing, call recording or analytics for specific sites
  • Optimize workflows by assigning permissions per site and role. New features also support custom rules, so your specific processes become part of your administrative platform. New role assignments are easily configured, providing a single point of administration for granular permissions across Voice, Video, Messaging and Contact Center services.
  • Manage multiple sites separately from one administrative interface while keeping the overall system secure and immune to changes implemented by local administrators


  • Create custom roles for processes that are specific to your organization. Create roles to manage security, analytics, or workgroup procedures at the site level.
  • Utilize predefined roles to quickly provision administrators. Predefined roles include company administrator, which provides administrative access to the entire system; IT site administrator, which provides permission to administer specific sites; and contact center administrator, which provides administrative access to the contact center environment.

Increased Security

  • Only designated administrators have exposure to core admin features, which minimizes accidental access and security breaches that could occur at the system level
  • Administrators can also create, implement and enforce custom procedures that match your company’s specific security protocols.
  • Site administrators have permissions that are limited to only portions of the system which decreases the risk of security breaches.

Provision Quickly

  • Replicate roles, permissions, and responsibilities to provision administrators quickly from a single control panel with access limited to designated leaders.
  • These new administrative features will help onboard users more quickly to ultimately enable team members to provide better experiences for their customers.

To learn more, please contact your representative to schedule a live demonstration or go to 8x8 University for more details.

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