Does it feel like trying too hard—and trying too many techniques—to improve productivity can have the opposite effect? Countless methodologies promise to help businesses stimulate productivity and maximize efficiency. As many attempts to implement these programs are short-lived, how much of their success becomes part of the fabric of the organization contributing to lasting productivity?

Productivity starts with connection.

Companies roll out efficiency programs like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping for easy productivity gains. So much of this cannot be forced until approached with the right mindset; productivity is a byproduct of culture, and humans are at the core of creating a productive culture. Trying to take action without the basic understanding that humans seek to feel connected and engaged means productivity initiatives don’t have a chance at success. In fact, the Harvard Business Review found that organizations with a high level of engagement do report 22% higher productivity. In essence, engagement and connection are directly correlated with stimulating productivity.

So how do you achieve these gains without being able to wave the magic productivity wand? You start with the things you can control in creating a culture around connectedness.

Back to basics.

Think about the basics that drive productivity without overcomplicating what you’re trying to do. If teams are productive because they are engaged and connected, then you must look to build a foundation that allows this kind of work to flourish. A foundation that supports free-flowing connection and collaboration is one in which you enable organic productivity. In Chapter 3, The Productivity Paradigm, of our Operate From Anywhere eBook, we outline how this culture can be cultivated in order to directly impact productivity.

Productive from anywhere.

How has remote work changed the ways you think about productivity, and what role does technology play? The right technology foundation plays a key supporting role in building a culture of connectedness, yet many organizations are finding barriers to remote work that stem from the technology. In fact, 54% of HR leaders indicated that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effectively working from home during COVID-19 (Source: Gartner). Many businesses do not yet have the right tools to support a highly productive environment. Let’s take a look at some of the technology at play in terms of laying the groundwork to cultivate a culture around connectedness:

Single platform for communication & collaboration

  • A simplified user experience across all applications, accessible from anywhere and any device, make it extremely easy for your employees to move about their work tools effortlessly. A consistent, unified experience also ensures the tools do not become burdensome, but instead truly elevate the way in which you connect and collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Collaboration tools in the form of 1:1 & team messaging keeps employees connected throughout the day. Additional visibility and insight is at your fingertips as you chat in group rooms affiliated with certain projects.
  • Video meetings have become increasingly valuable as in-person meetings may not be possible at the moment. Having the option to still meet face-to-face provides helpful connection as you experience body language, eye contact, and other non-verbal cues. A unified communications suite should make video meetings an integral part of its interface and functionality.
  • Quality Management (QM) & coaching as a tool to further engage your contact center agents is also essential in boosting productivity. A QM solution allows you to collaboratively coach agents directly from the application, offer specific targeted coaching, and provide timely feedback about customer interactions to help agents improve. This helps engage and motivate them to achieve higher levels of productivity.

In these changing times, challenge becomes opportunity. An opportunity to rethink productivity regardless of employee location. An opportunity to lead with technology and make it easy for teams to stay connected and highly collaborative. As we learn to operate from anywhere, connectedness is key to drive productivity and business success. Start laying your foundation for productivity gains today.

Looking for more? Check out Chapter 3 – The Productivity Paradigm – in our eBook, Operate from Anywhere.