Raspberry Pi is a small, customizable and affordable computer device you can use to create your own PBX unit to run on your own call center system. This is a great solution for do-it-yourself IT enthusiasts and for small businesses that need a reliable, custom-made PBX they can get going quickly and use in a variety of settings.

In this article, you can learn more about some of the features of Raspberry Pi and how your organization can benefit from a custom-made VoIP phone system using Raspberry Pi as the "brain." This might be a good option for your business VoIP call center system.

What Is VoIP for Raspberry Pi?

VoIP service can be used with Raspberry Pi to route phone call traffic in a similar way to a traditional PBX box. Thanks to this setup, it can be easier for small businesses to create their own for do-it-yourself VoIP service equipment. Small businesses and organizations with their own in-house IT personnel fight find Raspberry Pi to be the best solution for creating their own PBX.

Here are a few of the features VoIP for Raspberry Pi can offer:

  • Customization: Build a system that meets your needs.
  • Do it yourself: If you have the technical know-how, why not create your own solution?
  • Flexibility: Adapt your PBX to meet your needs and then make changes whenever you need to.
  • Scalability: Change your PBX when your needs change.
  • Security: Your own PBX can have the security protocols you choose to implement.
  • Linux system compatibility: Raspberry PI can help you create a Linux-compatible system.

Raspberry Pi as a tiny, simple, fully functioning computer with a variety of features that can adjust to meet whatever your own equipment needs are. This is particularly helpful for small businesses. If you'd like to get started with Raspberry Pi, you'll need to know what kinds of VoIP features you're looking for so you can customize your Raspberry Pi computer to meet your business' needs.

How Does Raspberry Pi Work With VoIP?

Raspberry Pi a small customizable and affordable computer solution. When working with VoIP, your Raspberry Pi device can be customized to provide PBX services to your voice network as such as call routing and traffic control. Your Raspberry Pi device controls the phone traffic within your network after you configure it to serve as a PBX. This can enable call features such as call transfer to the correct recipients within your business. This is an important function, since call center cannot operate properly without some type of quality and routing control.

Thanks to this Raspberry Pi functionality, your call center can access the computing power that it needs at a price point that can be much lower and more accessible for small businesses and organizations on a budget.

With Raspberry Pi, you gain access to features that call center PBX systems offer, such as:

  • Call distribution: Send calls to right recipients.
  • Call management: Track and route calls around through your VoIP system.
  • Advanced call features: Call monitoring, analytics and recording receive support from a reliable PBX computer.
  • Depending on how you configure your network and program your Raspberry Pi device, you can access other features and functionality that can power your own call center and business communications.

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi and VoIP

Raspberry Pi computers can be customized to serve as PBX devices for a VoIP Network call center. This is a great option for small businesses and other organizations to consider when they're putting together their communications networks. While it does take some technical know-how, setting up Raspberry Pi can help you bring a lot of powerful functionality from such a small device into your phone network. And when your needs change, you can scale your phone system to grow with these needs. This makes it easier than ever to access the phone services your organization needs.

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