If you're investing marketing dollars to make your phone ring, maximize your ad spend by routing your calls to a real, live customer service expert. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions deliver call center benefits in a scalable, flexible service.

Voice Continues to Be Relevant

Consumers, clients, and prospects don't want to waste time navigating through complex business voicemail systems or waiting on hold. While chatbot technology has been widely embraced as a cost-efficient, user-friendly CSM model, chatbots simply can't replicate the experience of speaking with a real person.

Companies are increasingly recognizing that voice continues to be an important form of communication. At the same time, the costs related to traditional in-office call answering services can be prohibitive — that's where outsourcing call answering services comes in.

Benefits of Call Center Agent Services for SMBs

Enlisting the services of a call center for your small to medium-size business can deliver an impressive return on investment. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of call center outsourcing:

  • Eliminates the need to recruit and retain in-house employees to answer the phones
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Ensures that every call to your company is answered by a professional call center agent
  • Increased productivity for on-site employees
  • Improved customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduced IT dependency

Outsourcing to a call center means your callers never get routed to the dreaded corporate voicemail system, which we all know is a less than ideal option. Studies show that business voicemail abandonment rates range from 50 to 80%. Based on these numbers, the best-case scenario is that companies using voicemail instead of a call center service miss connecting with half of the people who reach out over the phone, while in reality, the actual number of abandoned calls could be much higher.

Having your calls answered by a live professional completely eliminates the risk of voicemail abandonment, especially if you opt for 24/7 call center services. That's one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing call center services — you'll never again have to wonder what opportunities you're missing out on when callers simply hang up. Better yet, adding a personal touch to your call response services can give your customer satisfaction rates a big boost, and that's critical in today's hyper-competitive business environment.

Enabling an instant voice connection between your prospects, clients, and customers deliver a superior experience for your callers, and that translates into better customer engagement. In turn, your brand reputation gets a boost in a way that other forms of customer contact simply can't provide.

Scalable, On-Demand Call Answer Solutions

In order to maximize your business phone services, 8x8's Cloud Contact Center includes a robust suite of integrated features designed to maximize agent potential. After all, the benefits of call center agent services can go well beyond increasing customer satisfaction and reducing call drop rates if the right tools are available.

Our Cloud Contact Center allows users to track trends, generate in-depth reports, and extract actionable data that can be used to increase sales and maintain long-term success. The robust call center analytics tools empower managers to monitor and track trends and customer behavior in real-time, enabling a rapid response to emerging issues such as missed performance targets.

Learn More About the Benefits of Call Center Agents

To learn how your company can harness the power of 8x8's comprehensive cloud-based contact center solutions, contact our team today. Our services include advanced workforce engagement tools, extensive analytics, and real-time reporting, and an open communication platform that's fully integrated with voice, video, and chat.