Is Your PBX System Keeping You Awake at Night?

Many companies with on-premises communications solutions struggle with expensive capital expenditures, support issues and other IT challenges, including managing multiple, fragmented solutions from different vendors, which hampers employee productivity and customer engagement efforts. Is your business experiencing similar pains?

In the past 12 months, some companies have tried to acquire a cloud strategy, and move away from providing on-premises solutions, which has led to some industry consolidation in the communications space.  

For example, Mitel focused on obtaining market share, customers, cloud knowledge and technology through a series of acquisitions, including ShoreTel, Toshiba, Oaysis, PraireFyre and InterTel. These acquisitions engendered an atmosphere of flux and constant change not only within the new Mitel organization, but also throughout the partner and customer community due to uncertainties revolving around products, services and support changes, which could potentially impact their businesses.

If you are experiencing similar challenges with your on-premises PBX vendor, it might be time to evaluate what the cloud and 8x8 can do for you, Here are five factors to keep in mind:

1. Lower TCO

Some of the recent consolidation was supposed to drive a shift to the cloud, but there a lot of companies still use on-premises solutions. These businesses are struggling with the high operating expenses to manage, maintain and upgrade these systems. Companies migrating to the integrated cloud communications platform from 8x8 have experienced up to 55% lower TCO:

The total monthly savings on our phone bill are over 35%. On its own this is very impressive, but when I add in the efficiency gains and customer experience improvements we’ve been able to achieve, it really confirms we made a great choice in 8x8!”

– Mike Barbaro, Senior Vice President at Town Fair Tire

2. Single Platform of Engagement

Another downside of the recent spate of industry consolidation, is vendors offering multiple platforms that are not integrated and provide a disjointed employee and customer experience. The newly announced X Series offers a single cloud platform of engagement that helps companies scale at their own pace (Telephony + Meetings + Collaboration + Contact Center). As our CEO Vik Verma wrote in a blog post on X Series:

Backed by rich data and analytics, X Series helps businesses deliver a new level of customer service because all forms of communication are stored together, ready to be analyzed and leveraged for better insights to drive the business forward. Employees, customers, and applications all work together, efficiently, and intelligently.

3. Clear Product Strategy

Those companies haphazardly acquiring technology to increase their customer base end up with an overlap of myriad solutions that address different business needs. Their challenge has been defining and communicating a clear strategy to customers about which solutions will stay, and which ones will be shelved. If your company has been put into this situation, here are a few questions to ask your vendor:  

  • Will you continue supporting all these platforms? Frequently, vendors need to choose 1 or 2 platforms to migrate their installed-base as it is difficult and expensive to maintain multiple platforms and continue R&D on all of them
  • How seamless will migration be to a new solution? Customers may need to learn how to use the new solution and applications, sacrifice some features, and even rip and replace to stay with the same vendor, which might not add value or even negatively impact their business

Look for a vendor that has a clear product strategy with a single, integrated platform that can serve any company size and business need plus has a proven track record for bringing innovative new solutions to market that help companies drive successful business outcomes.

4. High-level Support Services

Companies using on-premises solutions have complained about the level of support services from their existing communications vendors. A noticeable drop in support can become more evident after acquisitions or consolidations. Customers suddenly find themselves waiting longer for a simple ticket to resolve or need to escalate multiple times the same issue until somebody responds. In some cases, the customers even might receive a canned response to just upgrade or migrate to the cloud.

If this sounds all too familiar it’s probably past time for your company to find a new vendor. 8x8 delivers superior support services for all companies through our:

  • 24×7 follow-the-sun support via seven support centers across the globe
  • SLAs for all customers, no matter their size
  • Global Reach Network Operations Center, which helps maximize network uptime, and also includes network monitoring as well as diagnostic tools to quickly solve any matter

5. Industry-Leading End-to-End Network Uptime

Some legacy on-premises PBX vendors are experiencing reliability issues with their cloud systems as they try to move their installed base to the cloud, causing significant business impact for customers due to frequent outages.

Cloud is hard work so look for a provider that was born and earned its chops in the cloud. 8x8 has distinguished itself in the enterprise cloud communications space due to its 99.9983% network uptime, superior call quality, SLA over the public internet, and end-to-end uptime services.

Move from On-Premises PBX to 8x8 Cloud Communications

Want to hear from other companies that ditched their on-premises PBX for the Cloud? Sign up for the 8x8 Webinar to hear 8x8 customers Silver Peak Systems and Town Fair Tire discuss how to:

  • Avoid the three gotchas of cloud migration: complex architecture, inflexible deployment and insufficient security
  • Avoid integration and deployment costs with ONE system of engagement for voice, video, meetings and collaboration
  • Avoid large up-front investments with a FOUR step approach to more intelligent interactions between employees and with customers

Karla Nussbaumer


Karla Nussbaumer is Director of Marketing for 8x8. Her previous experience includes leadership positions in marketing, sales and sales engineering at Avaya Inc. Karla holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management University at Arizona and a Bachelor of Science from The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico. [...] Read More >

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