Expectations are changing. Teams are more geographically dispersed and cross-functional than ever. Your users expect an instant connection with team members, partners and customers. Now, it is common to have one project team comprised of team members who are based in several different locations, across time zones and even countries. Yet despite the distance, users still want to work as if they are in the same office. Is it impossible to connect employees who work remotely, in field offices and across global offices?

Despite the challenges, it is more important than ever to improve how your teams communicate. How you collaborate and work together determines your business success. Closing internal and external communication gaps creates tangible benefits for your company. You gain a competitive edge when the information within your company travels quickly. Your customer relationships are more fruitful when your service teams can deliver answers and insights in real-time. Better collaboration means stronger customer relationships, more internal transparency and better traction toward your company’s goals.

One of the most important pieces of the collaboration puzzle is your meetings platform. We are introducing the New 8x8 Meetings Experience to bring simplicity and ease to your meetings. In other words, we wanted to give you the best way to schedule, start or join HD Video and Audio Conferences from any device or room with no friction. With this perspective we give you the following:

Effortless Interactions

Your meetings are important. Starting and sharing meeting information should be a smooth experience and now you can join meetings with a single click from any compatible browser and still get full-screen experience. Move chats or calls to an online meeting for seamless transitions to face-to-face interactions or screen sharing. Your users and collaborators are also able to dial into meetings using local or numbers in over 140 countries.

An Immersive Experience

Unleash your team's productivity with an uncluttered, high-definition experience that will bring them together as if they were in the same room. Instant screen sharing allows you to deliver messages with precision, which helps all participants have a shared understanding of discussion topics and expectations. By closing gaps between users with different work styles, your New Meetings Experience makes interactions even more valuable.

Built for Business

Your New Meetings Experience is not another silo. Your meetings service will be an integral component of your business processes with native integrations supporting your favorite enterprise apps including calendars, directories and Single Sign-on tools. An in-room package transforms meeting rooms into modern collaborative workspaces in minutes to further support collaboration across geographies and the ability to live broadcast to an unlimited number of viewers

Unity for All

Eliminate redundant meeting and audio conferencing services and unify all your calling, messaging and meeting needs with a single all-inclusive app and management tool. Since your meetings service is a part of 8x8's Virtual Office app your teams do not need multiple apps to get work done wherever they are.

Your New Meetings Experience will help your company become more cohesive and harmonious. Instant interactions, mobile workstyles, modern collaboration - these are just a few items on your users’ list of collaboration requirements. To achieve this and more, we want you to try out the New 8x8 Meetings Experience.

We are inviting you to gain early access to The New 8x8 Meetings Experience for the next two months. Click here to learn more about it or contact your 8x8 account manager for more information on the early access program.

We look forward to your next meeting!