Infonetics on the #1 Communications Feature Businesses Want

What’s the #1 feature that businesses want in their cloud communications systems—which include phones, videoconferencing and contact center solutions? What’s most important is not more bells and whistles, not the lowest price, but something you might not think of specifically asking for.

It’s security, says Infonetics Principal Analyst Diane Myers. “Last year and this year, in our surveys, security was number one,” she says. “They want to go with a secure provider,” she says.

What other things should you look for when replacing an old phone system? Watch this short video below to see what else is important, or learn more about selecting a new cloud unified communications or phone system in this white paper.

Lisa Stapleton


Lisa Stapleton is a marketing manager at 8x8. She holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a bachelor's degree in applied math and physics from UC Berkeley. [...] Read More >

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