Introducing 8x8 Express, a complete business phone system that takes just minutes to set up.

An emerging small business in its early stages of development is faced with many challenges. In my experience, business leaders of emerging businesses are usually occupied with trying to make the business cash-flow positive, cutting costs, and securing funding. In addition, they need to focus on creating a sales strategy and implementing a plan for their product or service. This leaves very little time to strategically focus on communication technology.

In my opinion, an emerging or small business cannot afford to look like one. Smaller businesses and independent workers need to strike the fine balance of presenting themselves in a way that is polished and professional but doesn’t exhaust their finances. That’s easier said than done and more often than not results in compromising on quality or cost. At 8x8, we’re tired of seeing entrepreneurs, emerging organizations, and consultants settle for less than they deserve, which is why we are launching 8x8 Express, a complete business phone system that takes just minutes to set up.

Understand the Needs of Your Emerging Business

There are some crucial choices to make when deciding on the best business phone services for your emerging small business. For instance, do you need a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) solution or is voice communication crucial to your business operations? Does your emerging business consist of a large team, several customer support representatives, or is it just you managing a freelance operation? What does your budget for communications look like?

Emerging businesses need to be agile with their decisions; they need to match or beat their competition in terms of customer accessibility and convenience; they need to leverage systems and deploy processes that make work happen easier and faster.

Gain an Edge with the Best Small Business Phone Service

Your emerging small business could be very different from others. You might be an artisan in rural Maine, selling your products all over the globe, a three-person tech startup in Austin, or a Marketing Team of 20 in Wisconsin. Your requirements in a phone solution could be very different from each other. You need a complete business phone system that is customizable as well as scalable.

With 8x8 Express, you can run your business with confidence knowing that you get the same communication tools used by large enterprises. You can create a new business phone number, or port your existing one, as well as use high-definition audio & video conferencing and team messaging to engage both customers and employees. 8x8 Express gives your business:

  • Unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada
  • Call handling including call forwarding, auto-attendant and ring groups
  • Voicemail
  • HD voice and video meetings
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Business messaging including SMS, one-on-one, and group chat with file sharing

Get Your Small Business Connected Instantly

Whether you’re on your own or leading a small team, we know that you’re busy running an emerging small business and have plenty of more important things to do than play phone tag with a salesperson or wait days for someone to manually activate your account.

We created 8x8 Express to be ready to use as soon as you activate your account. You can add users and change settings whenever it’s needed. Here are a few other features you will enjoy:

  • Add new lines and users with a few clicks
  • Port existing business phone numbers to 8x8
  • Self-administered management tool
  • One mobile app for calling, texting, voice and video meetings on an iOS or Android device
  • Integrations with GSuite/Google Calendar and Office 365/Outlook calendar

Try 8x8 Express For Free

We get it! Emerging Businesses need a solution that is cost-effective, easy to use, and can be purchased and activated within minutes. We’ve built 8x8 Express to include voice, video, and chat in one application, handling all of your communications needs, at just $12 per user month.

But wait, there’s more. Your first 30 days are on us. We believe that 8x8 Express is going to make a huge difference in your business and that you’ll be empowered with the tools and features that will finally give you the professional business identity and quality customer experience that you’ve been wanting.

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