Staying connected with customers or colleagues, disruption-free, is one of the top priorities of the modern workforce. However, it is easier said than done, considering all the communication channels and devices out there. For instance, have you ever been in a situation where you had to drop a critical call while switching from one device to another? If you’ve ever been on a call as you were driving to your office or commuting home, you already know how difficult the switchover can be. From smartphones to desk phones to laptops, moving the call can be disruptive and time-consuming.

Call Flip can work to a company’s advantage as it not only increases employee efficiency but also creates an impression of a professional organization. In case you're wondering if this has something to do with 8x8’s Live Call Transfer or Call Divert feature, here’s the difference.

  • When you initiate a Call Transfer, you move an active call from your phone to another through a single business network
  • With Call Divert, you divert incoming calls to a specific device
  • With Call Flip, you can move a call between two devices, no matter where they are, as long as they are tagged to your account

Now, what if there was a way to keep that important call active, without getting disrupted while switching devices?

Don’t Clip Your Calls, Flip Them

That is precisely what 8x8 Virtual Office Call Flip feature delivers. The live call flip is so seamless that the person you are speaking with remains unaware of the switchover. You can easily flip calls without even missing a beat, instead of having to forward calls from landlines to cell phones.

How to use the Call Flip feature:

  1. If you’re on a live call on any 8x8 desk phone or 8x8 Virtual Office mobile or desktop application, ensure the device/application you want to switch to is open or activated
  2. From the keypad of the device/application you want to switch to, dial * 88 before tapping or clicking call (or the call icon)
  3. Take the active call on the new connected device/application

8x8 Virtual Office users can also use the Call Park feature to “park” a call in the cloud while using the device to make another internal call or to inform another employee to pick the call up. You should inform the other party you are speaking to that they will be put on hold.

Benefits of Call Flip

  • Maximize your productivity
  • Be responsive to unpredictable demands
  • Build a professional communication protocol
  • Increase the overall call experience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which 8x8 devices can I use to flip calls?

You can effortlessly flip calls between your 8x8 Virtual Office desk phone, 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile app, or 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop app.

  • How long does the call flip take?

Instantly. You can hang up after picking up the call on the new device.

  • Can I use flip calls that are not included in the quick-dial list?

Yes. You must manually enter the phone number.

No more hanging up, awkward silence, or hesitant “let me call you right back” suggestions. Easily transfer calls to cell phones or landlines. And keep the conversation going while moving around. With 8x8 Virtual Office’s Call Flip, you no longer have to clip your calls. Just flip them!

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