CX-Ray Vision: The Experiences You Need In Your Business

Do you manage a team of superheroes?

Today’s consumers are notoriously fickle. What’s the way to win their repeat business?

In an acronym: CX. It’s all about the quality of your customer experience.

Simply provide the fastest, easiest, most personalized, convenient, relevant, value-driven, mistake-free interactions. Slam-dunk, right? Sure, if you manage a team of superheroes.

And now you can.

Give your sales, operations, and customer service teams and supervisors some serious superpowers, with 8x8 Contact Center:

CX-Ray Vision: See inside the entire customer experience pipeline

Imagine being able to track and measure your customer’s entire experience with your company.  Logging all past interactions and presenting them to CSRs for maximum context. And being able to track every step along the way of a particular interaction, from self-service menu usage, CSR connection through to post call survey.

Contact CenterWell, imagine no longer.  An 8x8 Contact Center includes out-of-the-box CRM integration that presents customer records to CSRs before they accept the call for maximum context.  8x8 also delivers industry-leading intuitive graphical interaction flows revealing the complete customer journey and granular search terms so you can find specific interactions in no time.

CX-ray vision shows you the “who, what, when, where and how” inside every customer interaction.  

All-knowing Seer: Quickly detect when calls begin stacking up

Analytics8x8 Contact Center Analytics give managers visibility to call volumes, wait time, average handle times and much more.  Say goodbye to long wait times as you manage call flows and ensure adequate staffing with 8x8’s simple, intuitive dashboards and wallboards.

Supersonic communications: Equip your CSRs with the collaboration tools to get the answers at light speed

What’s better than a friendly CSR?  An informed CSR that can get the answer to almost any question without lengthy holds, transfers or required callbacks.

Collaboration8x8 offers the ability for CSRs to view the status of the right experts in your company, engage them in chat or even bridge them onto calls to ensure customer issues are solved the first time.  Oh, and did we mention we have the industry’s first collaborative performance management platform, enabling managers to deliver feedback and coaching via @mentions in real time?

Invisibility: Call on unseen forces for quality CX

Contact CenterIs a new agent having a tough call? 8x8 Contact Center lets supervisors “whisper” suggestions in real time without customer awareness. Likewise, agents imperceptibly become product specialists with their access to the FAQ Knowledgebase, and subject matter experts inconspicuously become contact center agents with Expert Connect. Supercharge quality customer connections.

Magic Touch: Turn CX into gold

Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Who doesn’t want to save the day? Put an 8x8 Contact Center in your communications workflow and unleash the superpowers your team needs to make exceptional customer experiences an everyday occurrence. Your customers will thank you in the check-out line again and again.


Randy Ksar


Senior Social Media Manager at 8x8 based in San Jose, California. Passionate about empowering the community to share their stories for others to learn from. When not glued to his computer screen you can find him on the SF Bay Area trails or at the little league field with his sons. [...] Read More >

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