8x8 has successfully completed the HITRUST readiness assessment as a part of our initiatives to support clients' HIPAA compliance efforts.

Keep Your Practice Connected

Modern communications enable care providers to reach more patients by using voice, video, and messaging apps to schedule appointments and coordinate care. Cloud communications enable care providers to:

  • Conduct remote consultations - e.g. prescription renewals
  • Provide remote post-procedure follow-up
  • Schedule consultations in calendars
  • Review and share relevant information using high definition video and audio
  • Enhance efficiencies that cut operational and administrative costs

Additionally, using mobile apps help staff and contact center agents work from home keeps your practice open and resilient through disruptions. But healthcare leaders cannot put patient data at risk even with a remote workforce and patients.

Security and HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is legislation that protects the privacy and security of patient health information. HIPAA compliance is necessary for healthcare providers as it ensures patient data is safe when stored and handled during voice, video, text, and other communications that involve technology infrastructure. 8x8’s cloud services are HIPAA compliant and provide Business Associate Agreements for Covered Entities and Business Associates. So while our healthcare-provider customers follow HIPAA guidelines, they need to always make sure that the controls can adapt to ever-changing requirements.

Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) developed by technology, business, and healthcare leaders, establishes the HITRUST CSF, a framework that organizations use to handle personal and sensitive patient information. HITRUST is an industry-managed approach to help health care providers meet HIPAA requirements. It offers them a credible benchmark as well as peace of mind.

8x8 and HITRUST

HITRUST readiness assessment allows assessed entities and their stakeholders to realize the benefits of aligning with the HITRUST CSF and leveraging HITRUST’s common reporting and tools.

8x8 has completed the HITRUST readiness assessment- this demonstrates our approach toward supporting how our healthcare customers maintain HIPAA compliance and keeping customer data safe and secure in an increasingly dynamic technology environment. This accomplishment is part of an overall program to enhance the security profile of all of our customers. Our commitment to security includes helping customers satisfy regulatory requirements, providing encrypted communications, and more.

Our customers provide care to patients while operating from dispersed locations on a variety of devices. We help them do so by providing a reliable modern communications platform and compliance guidance. To learn more about how 8x8 supports healthcare organizations in this environment, take a look at this brief on telemedicine and mobile capabilities for care providers.