How the right phone solution can help small businesses

Imagine driving a car without tires. Impossible, right? Now try running a business without the right communication tools. Like a car that’s missing critical parts, you’ve just made things a whole lot harder on your business.

When you’re setting up a business, selecting and integrating a communications system might not be high on your list. However, by deprioritizing the tools your business uses to communicate both internally and externally, you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure.

The same holds true for established small businesses; you know all too well that competition is fierce and customer demands are high. If you’re using insufficient communications technology, you’re likely struggling to keep up.

In order to deliver exceptional customer experiences and increase employee efficiency, your small business needs the same type of communication tools as larger enterprises, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for awhile.

Stay Ahead with the Right Tools

That’s why 8x8 is thrilled to offer the recently announced Polycom VVX x50 Series Business IP Phones portfolio for small businesses. 8x8 is one of the first companies to have certified these new desk phones for its cloud communications customers.

The VVX x50 Series features Polycom’s legendary audio quality, delivering superior performance that small businesses can count on again and again. Each phone has a sleek, modern design, and the VVX 250, VVX 350 and VVX 450 have large color displays.

Polycom’s background noise reduction technology, coupled with the superior voice quality of 8x8 cloud communications services, will help your company project a big-business sound that customers know they can rely on.

Optimized for 8x8’s integrated cloud solution for voice, meetings, collaboration and contact center, the Polycom VVX x50 Series is a premier choice for small business. 8x8 provides companies of all sizes and budgets with the solutions their employees need to communicate and collaborate effectively so they can focus on what’s most important — providing outstanding customer service.

Why Experience Matters

Acquiring communication tools like the new Polycom VVX x50 Series phones is crucial for small businesses that want to win over new customers and keep them coming back.

Consider this: 73% of customers say experience is an important factor when they are making a purchasing decision, according to a recent PwC survey. Only price and product quality are more important.

Nearly 80% of US consumers point to speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service as key ingredients to a positive customer experience. In order to hit those marks, businesses should invest in phones that eliminate the hassle for employees and facilitate connecting customers with the right person as quickly as possible.

A company’s communication tools should enable its employees and enhance its customer experience. Anything that detracts from the customer experience, such as poor audio quality and distracting noises, can harm even the most loyal customer relationships. It takes just a few bad experiences before businesses lose a customer forever, says PwC, and sub-par phone service certainly falls into this column.

It’s important to note that not just any business phones will help your business deliver excellent customer experiences. Opting for an inferior product to save money could end up doing more harm than good. As discussed in a previous blog post, purchasing inferior phones can be an ongoing drain on a small business’ resources — and you still have poor call quality!

The best desktop phones, when combined with a robust cloud communications platform, ensure that your employees are more productive and that your business can meet customer demand.

Customer expectations will only get higher over time, so it’s imperative that small businesses prepare themselves now to deal with the increasing need to connect with customers quickly and effectively. The right communication tools, then, are essential to small business survival.

8x8 is committed to delivering the highest-quality products, including the industry-leading 8x8 Virtual Office and the latest Polycom phones, at the best value to businesses of all sizes. 8x8 cloud communications help businesses increase employee efficiency and improve customer service, crucial differentiators in today’s competitive market.

See how 8x8 Virtual Office and the Polycom VVX x50 Series can help your business deliver the customer experiences it needs to stand out.

Visit our 8x8 Virtual Office page to learn more about our cloud communications solution, and visit our Equipment page to learn more about the Polycom VVX x50 Series.