8x8 VP of Business Development on Crossing the Unified Communications Chasm

huw_tmc_300x240Today, 8x8 Vice President of Business Development Huw Rees delivered a keynote address at ITEXPO West titled “Crossing the Unified Communications Chasm,” where he discussed the tremendous benefits businesses can realize using cloud-based UC solutions and the opportunity that now exists to rapidly accelerate the adoption of this technology. Rees spoke about the fact that there are too many definitions of what Unified Communications actually is and that this confusion may be a factor inhibiting adoption at the SMB level.  “If our industry can’t clearly define what UC is, and what it really does for the user and the business, what hope is there for the average business person?” Rees said. Rees also touched on where the business community is on the whole when it comes to the market life cycle of UC citing the classic Geoffrey Moore Crossing the Chasm lifecycle model. “We can see that UC adoption is clearly in the chasm, especially for the SMB. The visionaries and early adopters have been or are engaged now, but early majority and pragmatists have not yet moved. Somehow we have to get across the chasm faster but, as an industry, we are exactly in the right place at the right time.”

Joan Citelli


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