Martha Stott

Martha Stott remembers the thrill of picking up her grandmother’s solid black, rotary dial telephone handset in a small town , and hearing strangers talking on the party line. (Today we call that a “three-way call.”) A senior manager with 8x8 Academy, Martha loves to share tips on how to use 8x8 products. Read More>

Articles by: Martha Stott

Become a Superhero with 8x8 Virtual Office



Did you know that 8x8 Virtual Office makes it easy to switch calls between devices? We call this “flipping a call,” and nothing could be simpler or faster. This trick is handy when you answer a call on your desk or softphone, but want to go mobile.   Let& [...]

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Who You Gonna Call? 8x8 Academy!



Have you ever grumbled about adapting to a new software update that changed the way you worked? You’re not alone. Weathering change is a challenge–no matter how much a new design might make life better in the long run. Adopting a new 8x8 unified communications system is no exception. You can talk ab [...]

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