Francesca Sherrill

Francesca Sherrill, Director of Customer Advocacy at 8x8, is focused on pioneering impactful customer advocacy programs and practices that raise ongoing awareness and visibility through the accomplishments of 8x8 customers. With a successful track record in finance, product marketing and customer advocacy, Francesca brings a strong record of innovative customer advocacy management and deep dedication to capitalizing on the customer experience. Prior to 8x8 Francesca has held positions at 3Com, SGI, Oracle, SAP Labs, Informatica and Rocket Fuel. Francesca holds an MBA from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Read More>

Articles by: Francesca Sherrill

The Next “Cycle” of Communications for Manufacturing



In the fast-paced manufacturing industry, businesses are shifting more processes, such as equipment monitoring, product design, enterprise resource planning, and inventory management, to the cloud to take advantage of costs and efficiencies. Manufacturers like Shimano American Corp., the U.S. divisi [...]

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Driving Retail Communications Forward



For retailers, clear communications between customers, employees and suppliers is critical for increasing business productivity and accelerating revenue growth. Town Fair Tire, a New England-based tire business with 1,800 employees and over 95 stores across six states, values the long-standing relat [...]

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