Tac Berry

Tac Berry has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University. He has been involved in technical marketing of UC and CC solutions for a while and there are times he would rather be playing golf.

Articles by: Tac Berry

Handling Call Center Nightmares



Working in call centers is stressful, for both agents and managers. Customers often call companies when they are upset and can take out that anger on agents. Managers have to juggle competing priorities as well as manage agents effectively. Using the right technology can help call center agents and [...]

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How Business Analytics Can Improve Customer Experience



How Business Analytics Can Improve Customer Experience According to a recent survey conducted by 8x8 and Hanover Research, over 80% of CCaaS users are planning to increase their use of business analytics, customer data and communications analytics to improve customer experience. As companies increa [...]

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