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I’ve been getting my hands dirty with marketing and website design to help businesses streamline site performance and grow traffic for nearly 15 years. I frequent the waters of small and enterprise-level businesses to help them rescue or increase their high-level revenue streams. I also developed opportunity modeling techniques for companies with multiple sites across the same industry. Ultimately my goal for my clients and employers is not just to bring in more revenue through better rankings, but to change the way they look at marketing and user experience.

Articles by: Kent Yunk

A Complete Guide to Video Conferencing



In less than 50 years, video communication has gone from a $20,000 capital expense to a free service. Video conferencing has been an important factor in changing the way we conduct business today. The idea of video conferencing is a little more than a century old, but the technology behind it is st [...]

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Flip Calls Between Different Devices Seamlessly with 8x8



Staying connected with customers or colleagues, disruption-free, is one of the top priorities of the modern workforce. However, it is easier said than done, considering all the communication channels and devices out there. For instance, have you ever been in a situation where you had to drop a crit [...]

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Simple Steps to Set Up a VoIP Conference Call



How to Make a Conference Call Using VoIP Many organizations have employees, partners, and customers from all over the world, and conference calls—or virtual meetings—have become an indispensable way to facilitate seamless team collaboration and customer communication. The conference call function i [...]

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