Justin Robbins

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Justin Robbins is a customer service expert, professional speaker, and content strategist at 8x8. Over the course of his career, he’s coached and consulted with thousands of individuals around the globe on contact center and customer experience best practices.

Articles by: Justin Robbins

Why Your Business Communications Tool Is Missing The Mark (And How You Can Fix It)



I’ll never forget the first time that I made a terrible decision. I’m not talking about something as trivial as picking rocky road ice cream when I should have gone with mint moose tracks. It was the kind of terrible decision that would get me thrusted into the spotlight for public scrutiny and sha [...]

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Three Traits of Effective Meetings



What are the traits of an effective meeting? If you’re someone who leads or attends a lot of meetings, you’ve no doubt experienced some of the best and worst that meetings have to offer. We’ve likely all been in the meeting with no clear purpose, the one that starts late and runs long, the one tha [...]

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Customers Value Their Time, And So Should You



Every customer service nightmare begins with, “Can you hold, please?” What often follows next is a pinball effect of rerouting through different agents and repeated information requests. In the age where positive customer experiences are a crucial competitive differentiator, preventing these scenar [...]

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Stranger Things Are Happening at 8x8



Spoiler Alert: This post contains Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers. I’m admittedly late to the Stranger Things phenomenon. My wife and I only started watching it a few weeks ago but were quickly hooked and managed to binge our way through all three seasons. If you, like us, are up to speed on the [...]

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