John DeLozier

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John DeLozier is a key member of the 8x8 senior leadership team holding the position of SVP and Global Channel Chief, Channel Strategy and Sales. DeLozier is a seasoned and well-respected channel leader who has received countless awards in the channel community. DeLozier blends his unique expertise in route to market expansion with a keen dedication to a channel first culture. His charge includes developing the strategy, governance and results of the 8x8 partner program and channel ecosystem. DeLozier comes to 8x8 from CenturyLink, where he helped create the award-winning Channel Alliance Partner Program and worked as a tireless leadership advocate for the partner community.

Articles by: John DeLozier

Showing Gratitude through a New Spirit of Partnership



Welcome to the 8x8 Partner-First Community When you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you gain a unique understanding of their experiences, challenges and thought processes. You also develop empathy for their struggles, an appreciation for their perseverance and shared excitement for their [...]

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