Erica Marois

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A passionate connector of people, Erica is a customer and employee experience enthusiast who loves helping others find unique solutions to their biggest challenges. She has 12+ years of experience in content creation and community building and volunteers as a facilitator for CX Accelerator. Erica works from home in Richmond, VA, where she lives with her husband and their lab-mix, Quinn. Outside of work, she loves cooking, traveling, and reading.

Articles by: Erica Marois

8 Things Bad First Dates & Bad Meetings Have in Common



The awkward pauses. Yawns. Glances at the phone. Watching the clock, willing the minutes to tick by so you can leave. We've all been there, either during a nightmare of a first date or a bad meeting. (Or maybe both 😬) The sad reality is that too many work meetings feel a lot like b [...]

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