We’re happy to announce our partnership with Aryaka to enhance application performance and accelerate digital transformation by combining the power of 8x8’s communications platform and Aryaka’s cloud-first WAN. With 8x8 and Aryaka, customers will experience the tangible benefits of two technology leaders bringing their best to the table to make customer’s lives easier.

Today the workforce is more distributed than ever. Teams that were all in one room months ago are now figuring out how to work together despite physical separation. This means more reliance on the cloud for chat, video, and voice communications.

This scenario might be familiar to your company - teams based in different countries with team members dispersed across a variety of locations within those disparate geographies. Some team members prefer to use voice, others prefer chat, and a third group of users prefer video meetings. How can all of these different audiences receive a quality experience while using the devices and workstyles of their choice?

In this new way of working, the quality of the network is of utmost importance. When network performance suffers, business progress is impacted. Teams are unable to communicate efficiently, project timelines become extended and the overall employee and customer experience is poor.

Critical Performance

For employees to be productive, all workstyles should be supported - especially video and web conferencing activities. Video traffic consumes a lot of bandwidth, which can affect the performance of other applications. Companies using cloud communications notice that network problems like jitter and packet loss disrupt smooth communication between employees and teams. These issues are solved with Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN service.

Aryaka’s industry-leading managed SD-WAN service allows companies to optimize their infrastructure, reduce latency, and prioritize communications traffic across the network.

Our partnership with Aryaka delivers optimized access to 8x8’s regional UCaaS Points of Presence, eliminating the issues that can occur with public internet to improve the performance of video and voice in the cloud.

Global reach

Aryaka’s best-in-class communications network pairs well with 8x8’s communication platform. 8x8 and Aryaka have delivered successful joint deployments for the most demanding global organizations with managed SD-WAN and 8x8’s UCaaS and CCaaS offerings. With our joint global presence, enterprises will be able to quickly scale and deploy 8x8 on a global basis. Customers who have had difficulty supporting employees and teams around the world can choose a better way. They can ensure consistent collaboration with the power of Aryaka and 8x8 together.


IT teams are called upon to support a growing list of activities for dispersed teams. Managing equipment, security, access to applications, and application uptime are substantial endeavors that were already hard before the obstacles associated with doing this in remote environment. By choosing category leaders 8x8 and Aryaka, IT teams can be more strategic and forward-looking instead of spending resources and time on maintenance and the support of legacy network and on-premises communications infrastructure. With real-time visibility into network traffic management and UCaaS app performance, our customers will benefit from Enterprise-grade connectivity to 8x8 services without the need for an MPLS.

Learn More

To learn more about how 8x8 and Aryaka can help you meet your work-from-anywhere objectives, twatch this webinar where we discuss details and benefits of enhancing enterprise communications performance across managed SD-WAN. Register here: Aryaka and 8x8: Industry leaders team to enhance UCaaS and CCaaS performance.