3 Myths About Hosted Business VoIP Busted by 8x8

3_myths_300x240Are common myths about switching your business phone service to hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) holding back your business? As voice, video, and data networks meld into a single user experience, solutions that integrate phone service, unified messaging, voicemail, audio and video capabilities, rich-media conferencing, and mobility solutions are in high demand. Hosted VoIP is a telephony service provided through the Internet with your PBX in the cloud instead of through a premises-based PBX or traditional phone carrier. It delivers excellent results across all of these business processes. Still, three myths persist about business VoIP, discouraging many business owners from making the switch, something that might be costing them money and lost business every month.

Hosted VoIP Myth # 1

If my regular PBX works OK, isn’t it cheaper to stick with it until the system dies?

The Real Truth—This is like insisting on using a horse and wagon to transport heavy things instead of switching to a truck because the “horse and wagon works just fine.” As a matter of fact, your productivity will stagnate and your costs will remain high if your company stays with traditional telephony solutions. When you factor in PBX maintenance, increasing carrier fees, and the cost of changes made during expansion and relocation, as well as being unable to exploit many new VoIP features that integrate with office productivity tools, you might be losing money by sticking with outdated systems.

That was the experience of Christopher Adams, former CTO at MyoVision. “We just replaced our aging onsite PBX with VoIP business phone service. A month after having the new system, my only regret is that we didn’t make the switch to VoIP sooner,” he said. “We can now manage our entire phone system with a couple of clicks; the phones are amazing and, best of all, we are paying one-third the cost of our previous setup, and we have more features,” added Adams.

Waiting for a forced change, such as discontinued equipment or the closing or merging of your current telephony provider, can result in a rushed changeover and possible costly downtime. By switching to hosted VoIP you can stay ahead of the game and remain competitive before you hit a bump in day-to-day operations.

Hosted VoIP Myth # 2

Isn’t VoIP just a consumer solution?

3_myths_2_300x240The Real Truth—While early adopters of VoIP used services like Skype and Vonage primarily for personal use, and call quality varied widely, today there are business-class VoIP providers with solutions specifically tailored for business use, with the ability to deliver crystal clear audio anywhere in the world.

“Business VoIP helped me run my business from Columbia for six months recently.” says Ken Berry, owner of Asian Therapeutics. “Clients kept asking, ‘When did you get back?’ I had a hard time convincing them that I was speaking to them from South America with such a crisp, clear connection.”

Integrating voice, video and data on a single, secure network keeps employees productive and effective from wherever they work, without compromising security or quality of service.

Hosted VoIP Myth # 3

Why do we need a hosted VoIP service? Can’t we all just use our cell phones?

The Real Truth—While mobile phones are invaluable as part of a unified communications system, there are many reasons to include hard phones, desktop computers and other devices as part of your overall internal communications strategy. Besides, the best VoIP providers already have apps that connect your cell phone into the office phone system.

Think of good business VoIP providers as the “glue” that can turn all of these devices into phone extensions whenever you want. Desktop clients can use hosted VoIP to gather presence information, whether the members of a meeting are attending by PC, tablet, smartphone or a land line hooked into the network. Land lines still have a place in the new corporate landscape – they just need to be integrated with the rest of your business VoIP-based communications system. Some of the best ones even have user-friendly HD audio and color video displays, as well as video capabilities.

Regardless of how many different devices are being used on the network, VoIP allows flexibility as well as more effective, reliable communications among team members.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of new technology when it comes to your business. Hosted VoIP could be the best thing you do for your company this decade.

Contact us today to determine how an 8x8 hosted VoIP business phone solution can help you save money and increase productivity.

Erik Archer Smith


Erik is an expert in cloud communications technology and has trained and mentored thousands of small business owners looking to harness the benefits of unifying their communications in the cloud. Erik is the VoIP Technology Evangelist for 8x8. [...] Read More >

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