What is a Learning Path?

A learning path shows available courses organized by learning level: Foundational (or basic) classes, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. The path also displays the associated cost in Training Units for each course.

How should I use the Learning Path?

Use the Learning Path to determine the skills your administrator needs to manage X Series product features, then enroll in the associated classes in the 8x8 Learning Portal.

You can also use the path to think through who needs to attend training. Do you have one administrator for your entire 8x8 system? Or do you have separate administrators for separate products, for example, Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Centre?

There are also separate Learning Paths to show the options for End User training.

How can I learn more about a course listed on the learning path?

Click on any course title in the learning path to see details: course length, delivery method, learning objectives, and optional self-paced modules (if applicable).

How is course pricing determined?

Fee-based courses are priced per person, per class, with the price reflected as a Training Unit. The number of training units required for each class is determined by the subject matter complexity and course duration.

Must I purchase training for X Series?

To ensure a successful deployment and implementation of 8x8 products, system administrator training is mandatory for customers who purchase X4, X6, and X8 series.

Customers who purchase X2 series are not required to purchase training classes, but it is highly recommended that customers complete free, online administrator training that is available 24/7 on the 8x8 University website.

End user training is highly recommended as an optional purchase.

Why is Administrator training mandatory, and End User training optional?

Successful rollout of an 8x8 system requires a skilled, knowledgeable administrator to operate the system, so administrator training is mandatory. While skilled, knowledgeable end-users are the key to driving successful adoption, some customers have the internal resources and prefer to create and deliver their own end-user training, so our end-user training course offerings are optional.

Do Training Units expire?

Training Units can be used to enroll in 8x8 University courses up to 1 year after purchase.

How can I purchase more training units to attend optional or advanced classes?
How can I enroll in classes?

First sign up for an account in our Learning Management System. Our Systems Admin will then approve your account. After approval you can follow these directions to sign up for a class. For questions please contact [email protected].

What if I want onsite training or custom content?
Where can I see a schedule of upcoming classes?

Visit our course catalog.

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