X4 Learning Path

About this path

Suggested training for the X4 Series includes 10 units: Virtual Office Administrator and Virtual Office Analytics. Take your learning to the next level with the Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting course. Asides from administrator courses, we offer additional courses and resources for your end users. To see how many units you have, use our training units calculator side-by-side.

Foundational Administrator Courses

Virtual Office Administrator

Virtual instructor-led course with hands-on activities and discussions.

Units: 8

Virtual Office Administrator eLearning

Self-paced, interactive eLearning for administrators.

Units: 6

Intermediate Administrator Courses

Virtual Office Analytics

Self-paced eLearning for anyone who needs reporting functions.

Units: 2

Virtual Office Sandbox

Virtual, facilitated practice in a Virtual Office environment.

Units: 5

Advance Administrator Courses

Virtual Office Adv. Topics & Troubleshooting

Virtual, instructor-led training with practice solving common problems.

Units: 15

End User Courses

Virtual Office Adoption Kit

Licensed end-user eLearning plus rollout tools for the project manager.

Units: 12

Free Online Training

Video demos and simulations, available 24/7 on the web.


Virtual Office Remote Sessions

Instructor-led product demos for end users, delivered via web conference.

Units: 5

Virtual Office Onsite Training

Classroom training for end users, delivered onsite.

Units: 28

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