Virtual Office for Salesforce

With the Virtual Office for Salesforce integration, it is easy to take phone calls and update records inside Salesforce.

System Setup

If you are an administrator and setting up the Virtual Office for Salesforce integration, go to one of the following pages and install the plugin:


First log in to Salesforce. If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), you can log in from the Virtual Office application panel.

Make sure that your softphone or desk phone is connected and logged in.

Adding Contacts

To add a contact, select the Directory tab in the Communication Panel, and then click the Create New – Contact. If you are adding an unknown contact after a call, you will be redirected to the Assign tab to add a new contact.

Call Handling

Making and Receiving Calls

You can make a call in two ways: dial the number in the Phone tab, or click on the outbound phone icon when hovering over a contact’s name in the Directory tab.

When receiving a call, an inbound call panel will appear. Click Accept to answer the call or Decline to reject.

Call Features





Call Log and Follow-Up

Call Log

When your call ends, Virtual Office for Salesforce automatically creates a call log to help you organize your call details. If your call is unassigned, you will be moved to the Assign tab to assign your call to a new or existing contact.

If your call is assigned, you will be moved to the  Notes page where you can add additional information regarding the call.


After you have assigned your call to a contact and have been moved to the Notes page, you can schedule a follow up task. Once the task is set, you can find it under the My Tasks section in your home page.

Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics

Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics is a fully integrated Unified Communications analytics plug-in for Salesforce.

Team Performance

The Team Performance page allows you to see how many calls your team is making, how much revenue it is bringing in, and more. This page is split into three sections: the Team Summary, Sales Category Chart, and the Team Details Table.

Employee Performance

The Employee Performance page provides an in-depth analysis of your employee’s workflow including who your employees are calling, how many of those calls are successful, and what kind of calls they are.

An additional feature is the conversation timeline, which gives you a visual representation of the employee’s call flow.