Virtual Office Classic

Download and Login

To get started, first download the Virtual Office Desktop App. Launch the application and enter your 8x8 login and password. Click Login.

Don’t know your password or username? Click Help located below the login button. Instructions will be sent to your email address.
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The app opens in the Contacts–All view. You can search contacts by name, view Favorites or Recents, sort and filter, add personal contacts, and more.

Use the icons in the top menu bar to view scheduled Virtual Office Meetings, open the Phone dial pad, send or receive a fax, and see conversations in History.
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To access the voicemail menu, dial 555 from your extension. Follow voice prompts to listen to your voicemail, reset your password, record your name, voicemail greetings, and set-up other preferences.

To access the voicemail menu from another extension, dial 500.

To access your voicemail from an outside line, dial your number and press # during the greeting.
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Call Features

Transfer a Call

Add a Call

Park a Call

Flip a Call


Click the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the main window to access your Settings menu. Here you can adjust your preferences for Audio & Video, My Profile, Contacts, Meetings, Messages, My Services, Call Forwarding, and E911.

Import Contacts 
You can add new contacts to your directory, or – if enabled by your administrator – you can import a contacts list from an existing Outlook, Office 365, Google, or Lync account.
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Audio and Video

Before you get started using the Virtual Office Desktop App, you should make sure your computer is set-up correctly with a microphone, speakers and webcam, if you plan on using video.

From your Settings menu, select Audio & Video. Select your computer speakers and microphone, or your headset. Test to see that your settings are correct.
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Call Forwarding

Virtual Office gives you powerful tools to block calls, set time-of-day filters, and create “find me–follow me” rules so that important callers are always able to reach you.

To access Call Forwarding, select Settings > Call Forwarding > Add New Rule.
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Instant Messaging




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