Switchboard Pro

8x8 Switchboard Pro is an application to make call management easy and efficient.

Log In

Single Sign On

If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), you can log in from your application panel.

Desktop Sign In

If using Virtual Office Desktop, sign in and click on the gray headset icon located at the top right corner.


Call Management Window

Change your status, set your voicemail, manage your calls, and change your settings in this panel.

Contact Directory Window

Search for contacts and details in this panel. You can customize the display by name, department, branch, and more.


Chat allows you to message anyone in your contact directory. You can access chat by clicking on the contact to first bring up the contact details. Then, click on the chat bubble to begin messaging.


Notes are only viewable by receptionists and are a great way to keep track of people’s schedules and tasks.