Additional Features

Music on Hold

Learn how to customize your phone system hold music.


Learn how to segment sections on your PBX into customizable Branches.

Call Queues

Learn how to set up Call Queues in your phone system.

Set Holiday Rules

Business closed for vacation or holiday? Watch this video for tips on preparing your phone system for when you’ll be away.

Call Log Reporting

Learn how to run, view, and schedule call log reports for the extensions and numbers in your system.

Call Recording

Learn how to configure Call Recording, a Virtual Office Pro feature.

Voicemail and Fax

Learn how to set Voicemail and Fax notifications for each line in your system.

Group Paging

Learn how to set Group Paging on your Polycom phones.

Administrator Profile

Learn how to configure your Administrator Profile upon logging into Account Manager for the first time.


Learn how to view statements, usage fees, and billing info in the Billing section of your Account Manager.


Learn how to check your current or pending orders, see your current services, or upgrade your services with 8x8.

Power Keys

Power Keys allow your phone to have additional lines, monitor calls on other phones and pick up calls coming to other extensions. Learn how to configure your power keys.

Switchboard Pro

Switchboard Pro allows you to more efficiently handle calls. Learn how to name your Switchboard and add users.

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