Supervisor Functions

Supervisors enjoy additional privileges to manage queues, monitor agent activity, and generate reports.

Agent Management

The Monitoring tab allows supervisors to manage Queues, Campaigns, Agents, and Call Playback.

Manage Queues

View Queue Metrics in real time, for the previous 30 minutes, or from the beginning of the day.

Live Monitoring

Supervisors can listen to agent calls in progress, or join an agent’s call from the Monitoring tab.

Call Playback

As a supervisor, you can also play back call recordings for agents under your supervision.


Reports provide a detailed look at your contact center’s activity. You can export reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or manipulation.

Generate Reports

From the Navigation Menu, select Reports in the drop-down menu.


Notices are broadcast across your contact center and can be sent with low, medium, or high priority to everyone or to specific groups.

Past notices can be reviewed in the Notices Tab.

Set Up Voicemail

Use My Profile to record your personal voicemail message (if enabled). Choose your Workplace Phone or SIP URI. Then select Make Verification Call and follow the prompts to record your voicemail greeting.

Next Steps: Additional Features

Now that you’re familiar with the functions and features available to supervisors, check out these additional sections to learn more about Virtual Contact Center.