Getting Started

First things first: Learn to log in. Then, browse the sections below to get to know the Virtual Contact Center interface.

Log In

Logging in is easy! Follow the steps below.

Single Sign On

If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), you can log in from your application panel.

Reset Your Password

If permitted, you can reset your password from the link on your sign-in page. You’ll receive an email with instructions to change your password.

Agent Console

This is where you’ll handle customer transactions, view queue activity, and manage cases.

Agent Console has three sections: The Navigation Menu, Control Panel, and Display Panel. What you see here will depend on your company’s custom configuration and the permissions you have.

Navigation Menu

This is the drop-down menu at the top left of your Agent Console. Here is where you can access your profile, settings, Help menu, and other commands.

Control Panel

The Control Panel on the left side lets you manage incoming transactions via phone, chat, email or voicemail; view agents and queue activity, and chat with coworkers.

The tabs you see will depend on which channels are enabled for you.

Display Panel

On the right, Display Panel tabs give you easy access to Cases, Tasks, Reports, and My Profile.

My Profile Setup

Configure settings such as your workplace phone number and email signature in this window.

Change your Workplace Phone

Change your Email Signature

Status and Logging Out

Some companies use Status Codes to track agent status. If required, select the appropriate code from the Status menu each time you change status.

Next Steps

Now that you’re up and running with Virtual Contact Center, take a look at these sections to learn more about your role in the Contact Center.