What is a Sales Support Associate?

Sales support associates are a great way to extend the reach of your sales team and help your salespeople have greater success in their jobs. If your team is doing a lot of administrative work and background research, consider hiring sales support associates to relieve some of the burden research and admin tasks can create.

Learn about how sales support associates can help your organization get more accomplished and meet more sales and marketing quotas:

What Is a Sales Support Associate?

Sales support associates help your organization with the additional research and administration tasks necessary to the work of the sales team. If your sales team struggles to get everything done, sales support associates may be able to help. They can take some of the pressure off a busy sales team and enable everyone to have the support they need.

For the most part, sales support associates do the work that salespeople themselves do not necessarily need to do. Salespeople need to focus on meeting with customers, conducting the higher-profile work of the department that requires working directly with prospects, etc. This is not always something you can effectively outsource or assign to someone else. Sales support associates can help by picking up the slack in situations where your sales department is stuck with a lot of extra work.

How Do Sales Support Associates Help Sales Teams?

Sales support associates make it easier for sales teams to get their work done. By doing the administrative and background work involved in lead generation and prospecting, sales support associates can help sales teams more effectively do their outreach.

Your sales team can farm-out these tasks (and many others) to sales support associates including:

  • Lead generation activities: Sales support associates can research prospects, gather their information into a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and assist with preparing to contact leads.
  • Answering phone calls: Instead of constantly responding to phone calls from prospects or others, sales teams can have sales support associates handle tasks like answering phone calls.
  • Tracking sales leads: Associates may spend time tracking sales leads so your sales team can focus more on closing.
  • Scheduling: Associates may be responsible for scheduling sales meetings between salespeople and prospects.

As needed, sales support associates will need to do other tasks and fulfill other sales-related responsibilities, so they need to be flexible. These jobs can vary a lot during the day so being adaptable will help sales support associates be more successful in their jobs.

What Software Do Sales Support Associates Use?

Associates use a variety of different software systems:

  • CRM: Software that helps everyone track contacts and communications between the sales team, customers, and prospects
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): UCaaS systems help organizations communicate effectively and even create their very own call centers.
  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): A call center can help your organization stay together and communicate across departments and outside the organization
  • Cloud storage: Hosted technologies make it easier for companies to maintain and share information that's useful for sales teams, so cloud-based software is becoming more common for sales support associates to use

Other software systems may appear in sales support associates' jobs as well. These software systems can make it much easier to get work done, collaborate, and communicate with others.

Add Sales Support Associates to Your Team

Thanks to great sales support associates, your team can get more of the administrative work behind sales done efficiently and effectively. Your organization can look for candidates who have a knack for gathering and managing information, flexibility and an ability to adapt to a variety of settings, and skills related to lead generation tasks. Sales support associates can take phone calls, do background research, manage communications, gather data, and more in support of salespeople so they can get more of their own work done and meet their quotas.

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