Understanding the Software Needs of Sales and Marketing

When businesses need to find more customers, sell more goods and services, or increase their market share, they often look to marketing and sales teams to get it all done. Sales and marketing software can help these teams extend their reach and boost their productivity. Without the right software, it can be a challenge to stay organized, understand customers, and manage the volume of information necessary to get work done.

In this article, read more about how sales and marketing software works and how teams can use it to accomplish more.

How Do These Teams Use Software?

Sales and marketing departments use software to communicate, create marketing materials, and more. Relying on software to help them manage marketing campaigns, many organizations have the applications they use regularly accessible via cloud-hosted storage. Cloud-based software enables businesses to avoid having to keep onsite access to the applications they use. This can help them save money on equipment and software.

Specifically, sales and marketing teams use the following software:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software: With a CRM, businesses can store and organize data they have on individual customers. All of a customer's communications with the organization are accessible whenever marketers and salespeople need them.

  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): UCaaS enables companies to quickly and effectively communicate with each other via a variety of different platforms. They can communicate using text, email, phone, and chat.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): VoIP uses the Internet to transfer communications. This can help companies save money and gain access to better phone features.
  • Cloud storage: Thanks to cloud storage, organizations can access whatever software they need offsite and their software vendor covers the costs and manages the infrastructure.
  • Content management system: Content systems are essential for businesses that use content marketing and need an easy way to keep track of publishing and distributing written information for their marketing.
  • Social media management: Software is also available to schedule social media posts and manage content publishing on social profiles.
  • Email marketing: Having a platform to help you organize email marketing campaigns can help your business make a bigger impact and build email marketing lists. Test different subject lines, measure click-through rates, and more to gauge how well your campaigns are doing.

With a variety of marketing and sales applications available, it's even easier now for businesses to keep track of what these departments are doing and how they contribute to the overall organization.

How Does Sales and Marketing Software Work?

Sales and marketing software empower departments with access to information and the data they need to offer customers relevant services. Usually, these systems run on the cloud---they are stored on software vendor servers for use whenever needed.

To find the right software, marketing and sales teams spend time doing their own research and talking to software vendors to learn more about products that are available to meet their needs.

Why Do Sales and Marketing Departments Need UCaaS and VoIP Software?

These departments need UCaaS and VoIP software so they can communicate better and stay in touch with their colleagues. At some organizations, these departments stay in the corporate "silos" and don't communicate as closely or as often as they should. With UCaaS, they can talk directly and ensure that there's enough communication between the two of them. This way, no department operates in isolation. This is especially important for sales and marketing---two very closely related departments that serve similar goals.

Getting Started with Sales and Marketing Software

Sales and marketing software can help organizations reach their goals. With the right social media, content marketing, cloud storage, and communications software, companies can reach new customers and expand their market share. For companies trying to choose sales and marketing software, it pays to think about what your goals are for the applications you're considering. Good communication between sales and marketing can help your business get more work done and boost revenue over time.

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