Effective Point of Sale Marketing with Contact Center Integration

Point of Sale (POS) marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase sales by persuading customers at the point of purchase. This type of marketing typically revolves around cash registers to trigger impulse purchases in a retail outlet. Businesses shouldn’t neglect this marketing channel that offers increased revenues while increasing customer loyalty towards the brand.

We can say that Point of Sale marketing helps in creating faster conversions. However, this swiftness can also be a drawback. POS marketing strategies only have a few seconds to attract a customer. If the product placement doesn’t achieve that in a specific time frame, it will fail to catch the attention of the customer. This results in lower conversions and even lower customer reception.

To avoid this, Point of Sale marketing often involves combining several different elements such as the placement of the POS, and even the type of packaging that grab the customer’s attention. A traditional POS system may also involve a designated staff that guides the customers in making their purchases and helps through the transaction process.

How to Keep Point of Sale Marketing Effective

Here are the three important factors that determine the effectiveness of the Point of Sale marketing:

  • Offers. Customers love to have products at special discounts. For a company, offers are a great way to bring in more new and returning clients. Giving attractive offers may lessen your profit margin from each unit sold, but in the long run, it is a great way to market new products, as well as gain the attention of new customers.
  • Strategic Positioning. POS marketing greatly depends on the placement of your product. For example, having your product placed at aisles that rarely see customer traffic would not generate the kind of engagement it would if it was placed near busy spots in a shop. One of the most common spots for POS product placement is near the cash counter, where many business take advantage of the infamous "impulse buy."
  • Packaging. We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in retail, presentation matters. A product with great packaging instantly piques the interest of customers passing by and increases the rate of impulse buys.

Leveraging POS Data with Contact Center Integration

When it comes to Point of Sale marketing there is a growing trend of using modern electronic POS systems that automate the transaction process and offer a more personalized experience, individual customers. These interactive systems often use cloud-hosted software that can be directly accessed via the Internet and is even compatible with POS hardware. These modern systems not only boost sales but also collect useful customer data for analytics to make data-driven decisions for an effective marketing strategy.

Businesses can lower the overall cost of running a store or a retail outlet with the help of a cloud-based POS system. This comes in the form of reduced staff needs for both accounting, as well as storefront needs. In addition, cloud-hosted POS systems also have the capability to integrate other business tools, such as contact centers, to exchange data and drive more conversions.

Achieving Better Sales

The ultimate objective of Point of Sale marketing is to achieve better sales. This can better be attained by integrating the POS system with a contact center to exchange useful customer data, and in turn, offer a more personalized experience to customers. The data essentially helps call center agents direct appropriate offers based on the purchase and online browsing history of customers.

With contact center integration, there is an opportunity to assist customers directly through live chat while they are moving in the store and guide them during their purchasing journey. With unified communications capabilities, modern contact centers can offer true customer support across multiple communication channels. This opens the possibility of offering customers loyalty programs or special discounts more easily.

To make point of sale marketing effective, contact center integration plays an important role. The exchange of data between these systems offers a more productive way to reach out to potential customers and increase revenue and brand loyalty. It is crucial then to have a contact center solution that works in tandem with your POS software.

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