Quick Deployment = Quick Time-to-Value at Scale

One of the greatest challenges in retail is updating multiple locations that may be distributed over a large geographic distance. Retailers can’t afford to have their stores disrupted for long periods of time or deployments that take quarters to roll out.

Understanding this unique need, 8x8 has a variety of deployment packages designed for the unique nature of retail businesses. The deployment options also take into account the availability and aptitude of existing resources, whether internal or from a designated third-party. Occasionally, retailers take a blended approach, with some locations deployed by internal resources, by 8x8, or by third-parties based on cost, expertise, and location.

Managed Implementation. Using a world-class methodology, 8x8 provides a standard implementation to deliver communications solutions within the distributed retail store environment. This option uses a standardized, best- practices implementation at a lower price point per user making it ideal for basic telephony replacement and cost-saving initiatives.

Tailored Implementation: For retailers with more complex requirements, 8x8 implementation services offers a tailored approach. Given the importance of customer experience design and the coordination across multiple offices, this option is ideal for global retailers and retailers who want to include the contact center as part of the deployment.

A la Carte Services. One or even two sizes do not fit all. For unique requirements, 8x8 offers a choice of implementation, on-site services, and customization services on an a la carte basis.

Proven Deployment at Scale: No matter which deployment method is right for your company, 8x8's proven deployment methodology has been honed over thousands of deployments to ensure quick time-to-value and minimal disruption to your store and contact center operations.

Learn more about retail communications solutions and how you can increase operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

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