Restaurant Phone Systems

The restaurant industry is forever changing, but one element is here to stay, restaurant technology. Whether it’s used to improve your customer experience or make it easier to communicate with vendors and employees, using the right technology can be a great investment for your restaurant.

One of the most commonly-used types of technology is a business phone system. 

As a restaurant, you’re going to be receiving a lot of phone calls. Those could be to schedule reservations, ask questions about the menu, place a catering order, ask about times you're open, and many more. 

Learn how using a restaurant phone system can help to elevate the quality of service you’re able to provide while making your business more efficient. 

What is a Restaurant Phone System?

In service-oriented businesses, communication is incredibly important. How you communicate will leave a lasting impression on your restaurant patrons. However, it’s not just face-to-face communication you need to worry about. Today’s restaurants communicate with their customers across a wide range of different platforms including mobile, phone, through your website, social media, and more. 

However, traditional voice communication still remains one of the most popular methods of communication within the restaurant space. But, old-school phones won’t cut it, especially at a busy restaurant that receives dozens to hundreds of calls per day. 

Restaurant phone systems are designed to help maximize efficiency, improve call management, and provide a reliable connection at all times. Instead of a traditional phone system that forces you to put people on hold, you can introduce multiple lines, messaging services, automated attendants and more.

Here are some of the biggest benefits your restaurant will receive when employing a restaurant phones system:

  • Improved reliability: Your restaurant can’t afford to have dropped calls, or low reliability. With a phone system, you’ll ensure that calls are never dropped and the connection is always crystal clear.
  • Easy to scale: As you open new locations or expand the size of your current restaurant or staff, you can easily scale your phone system without making it more complex.
  • Easy call routing: Instead of having to keep your customers on hold you can route the call to other members of your staff. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With a restaurant phone system, you can easily and quickly address your customer needs while avoiding things like wait times. 

Most restaurant phones are also tied into cloud-based software systems that also provide you with additional call data and features to help streamline communication. 

UCaaS, CCaaS, and VoIP for the Restaurant Industry

UCaaS, CCaaS, and VoIP systems for the restaurant industry help to streamline communication within your business and facing outwards towards your customers. Every restaurant is unique, meaning that you’ll need a phone system that’s set up for your unique challenges and workflows.

These unified communication systems integrate and upgrade traditional business phone systems. So, instead of just having the ability to make and receive calls, you’ll introduce a wealth of other communication options. 

Here are some of the additional features that a cloud communication system can provide your restaurant with:

Mobile Communication Integration

Often you won’t be physically present at your restaurant. But, with call routing, you can have your cell phone ring as if it was the actual restaurant line. You can also integrate message broadcasting for your employees as well. This can make it easier for employees to get shifts covered, and more. 

Multiple-Location Meetings and Calls

With video conferencing and screen sharing you can connect with employees and teams across multiple locations at once. Whether you need to conduct pre-shift meetings or conduct new training, you can do it easily through video conferencing. 

Analytics and Reporting Features

With integrated data tracking you’ll be able to get a better picture of your staffing needs and overall performance. By utilizing data you can improve your restaurant and customer service without having to rely upon intuition alone. Since customer service is so important it’s a great idea to measure and analyze data that relates to this.

By implanting a restaurant phones system you’ll upgrade your ability to serve your customers. Plus, you’ll help to streamline your internal restaurant communication. 

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