For the Contact Center Manager or Omnichannel Associate

For more complex omnichannel interactions as well as contact center managers, the Omnichannel Associate plan provides both additional channel capabilities as well as the analytics and supervisory features modern contact center managers need for agility in a dynamic retail contact center environment.

The Omnichannel Associate communication plan includes the Contact Center Associate plan plus:

Inbound Chat, Email, Social ChannelsMeet your customers on the channels they choose with a 360-degree view of all of a customer’s communications across all available channels.
Co-browseAllow your agents to see exactly what is on the customer’s page, quickly helping customers find the information they are looking for or clarifying any questions they may have while filling out a form online.
Outbound Predictive DialerReplace manual dialing for preview, progressive, and predictive dialing to maximize your talk time.
Quality ManagementDeliver excellent customer experiences while maximizing agent efficiency, by identifying agents in need of coaching, highlighting high- performing agents as role models, and enabling collaboration.

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