Understanding the Outsourcing of Graphic Design Projects

When your business needs design but doesn't want the hassle of doing it in-house or having to hire graphic designers, graphic design outsourcing can be a smart solution.

Many design firms and independent designers specialize in working with companies that need graphic designers for only a short period of time or for a one-off project. For freelance designers, working with these clients is a major component of their business model.

Graphic Design Outsourcing: An Overview

Graphic design outsourcing is one strategy companies use to get graphic design work done without doing it themselves. Graphic designers who are part of a design firm or working independently may offer outsourcing services to companies that need graphic design.

This has several advantages from a business perspective, such as:

  • Reducing Costs: It may be more affordable to outsource than hire full-time graphic designers, especially when you rarely need graphics produced.
  • Having an Expert Do the Job: For organizations that don't have graphic design expertise, outsourcing allows them to have an expert do the work.
  • Growing Productivity: Your business can boost productivity by outsourcing to the right companies who can get the work done better than your business can.
  • Focusing on Core Business: Outsourcing allows your company to focus on core business operations instead of worrying about graphic design.

These and other benefits are convincing reasons for many businesses to outsource graphic design. By choosing the right service providers, companies can manage their costs more effectively.

How Does Graphic Design Outsourcing Work?

Graphic design outsourcing works by having the hiring organization find and contract a graphic designer or design firm. Outsourcing is very common in graphic design, and for many designers, it's how they primarily work.

Generally, the following process is used in graphic design outsourcing:

  • Planning: The hiring company decides to outsource part or all of their graphic design work to another company.
  • Search: From there, the company looks for an independent graphic designer or a design firm. They may post RFPs (request for proposals) to invite outsourcing companies to bid on the project. The RFP should carefully detail the project so that graphic designers can put in a bid. Whenever practical, proprietary information can be left out or prospective suppliers can sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) to protect the hiring company's confidential information during the bidding process.
  • Contract: If the hiring company decides to work with a particular designer or design firm, the two businesses can create a contract to protect their interests and spell out responsibilities.
  • Initial Implementation: Once the two companies start working together, they will have to undergo a process of close communication and cooperation to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that the hiring company gets the design they need. If the contract is just for a single design or a short project, there may not be much of an implementation phase.
  • Renegotiation: If at some point one or both parties decide to change the terms of the agreement, then they may renegotiate the contract.

Throughout the process, the two companies should work closely together and do whatever they can to communicate openly. Many graphic design projects are short-term and skip some of the steps above. Others may involve a brief transaction between the two companies.

Software Used in Graphic Design Outsourcing

Many different types of software can be used in graphic design outsourcing, and the exact applications used depend on how the designers work and the types of clients they have – as part of a firm working for other medium-sized companies, for instance, or as independents working for small businesses.

UCaaS (unified communications as a service) and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) are key software systems in business communications that organizations can use to stay in contact through a single console. A unified platform saves the company money by not having to purchase disparate communication tools. It enables teams to be more efficient, too.

Getting Started with Graphic Design Outsourcing

Graphic design outsourcing can help organizations save money and improve their productivity. By not having to focus on tasks such as graphic design, they can spend more time on their core business. Independent designers and design firms frequently work with companies that choose to outsource their graphic design, so this is a fairly common arrangement that can streamline design for both parties.

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