Integrations Features

FeaturesDescription X2 X4 X6 X8 
Active Directory
Integrate with Active Directory to authenticate
Single Sign-onUse Single Sign-on for easy authentication
Okta integrationIntegrate with Okta for secure identity
Calendar integration
(Google Calendar,
Calendar integrations to start, join and edit
8x8 Meetings
G Suite integrationPlug-n-play integration with Gmail and
Google Calendar to click-to-dial from Gmail,
click-to-join meeting from Google Calendar,
auto sort emails for incoming calls, quick search
across applications and connect with Salesforce
Outlook integrationClick to call contacts from your Outlook
directory and emails. Schedule, start or join
8x8 Meetings from the Outlook Calendar

Skype for Business
Make calls from Skype for Business using your
8x8 number
Office 365 integrationSchedule, start or join meetings from within
Office 365
Salesforce integrationSingle UI for both Salesforce and
communications which enables click-to-dial,
window pop for caller records and auto logging
Zendesk, NetSuite
8x8 features embedded into other vendors’ UI
200+ additional
8x8’s framework allows quick integration with
different user applications to provide a seamless

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