Ensuring Legal Communication for Your Law Firm

In order to run a successful law firm, you’ll need to have a list of satisfied clients. There are a multitude of different ways you’ll interact with your clients, whether verbal or digital. But, on top of that, you’ll need to communicate about the status of their cases, all while managing to run an efficient office.

However, firms that communicate effectively will be better at retaining clients over the long-term, along with receiving more referral clients. Ensuring effective legal communication is important for your law firm to stay competitive.

Learn how to improve legal communication while ensuring your firm stays in alignment with legal communication best practices, along with how using cloud communications tools can greatly streamline communication throughout your organization.

How to Improve Legal Communication?

Legal communication breaks down into two different communication processes. The first relates to the initial communication when a person is considering retaining your services. The second is the ongoing communication between a lawyer and a client that pertains to their case.

Here are a few ways to improve legal communication in both regards:

Consider the Communication Method

When you’re sharing information with your clients, ask yourself: what’s the most effective way to share this information? It might not always be having your client drop by your office. In some cases, a simple email, phone call, or even text message might suffice.

Make Yourself Accessible

The first step towards improving legal communication with your clients is to make yourself, or your firm easy to get in contact with. This means you’ll want to offer multiple methods of contact, including phone, email, and live chat. Depending on the size of your firm you might also want to utilize a call center to handle higher call volumes and to process calls that take place outside of regular business hours.

Offer Speedy Responses

Considering legal matters you don’t want to keep your current clients, or potential clients waiting. If you’re a larger law firm you might even want to employ a call center to help improve your call response time. Every second your clients are spent waiting you’re not only deteriorating the relationship, but you’re increasing the chances they’ll hang up the phone and go elsewhere.

Implement Quarterly Surveys

If you’re looking to improve your communication standards across the board you’ll want to accept and implement feedback from past or current clients. This can be something as simple as an email survey you send out every quarter. Or, you can include simple surveys at the end of customer service calls to rate the quality of service provided.

Using Cloud Communication Tools to Improve Communication

Not too long ago most communication was handled via telephone. However, those days are far behind us now. Today, your clients will require multiple methods of getting in touch with your legal firm, whether that’s via email, telephone, website live chat, and more. Plus, depending on the size of your firm you might even need to use a cloud call center to manage a high volume of calls.

Cloud communication tools will help to streamline communication throughout your entire law office. Instead of having to keep tabs on every line of communication with your client it will all be centralized under a single dashboard.

For example, if a client calls your law office whatever agent answers the phone will have access to a complete customer profile. You can also include any text communication, user profiles, and a lot more. With a full client picture you'll be able to more effectively serve your clients.

Plus, with a cloud communication solution all of your client's data will remain secure, and all communication, whether verbal, digital, or voice will be encrypted.

Effective legal communication will form the backbone of a successful law practice. By considering your client’s needs at every step of the way you’ll be able to build up a satisfied customer base and increase the number of referral leads. Plus, by implementing a cloud-based communication solution you’ll make communication easier for every member of your team. By making it easier to process and answer client calls you’ll greatly elevate the level of service your law firm can provide.

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