Benefits of a Hospital Call Center

As a hospital or healthcare provider, customer service is incredibly important. Achieving a high level of patient satisfaction starts with their very first phone call. But how do you ensure a customer experience that meets their expectations, every time?

Through your hospital call center. Many hospitals have found success in implementing cloud-based call centers to streamline and enhance their customer service and communication.

Below we look at how hospital call systems work, and the benefits your hospital will receive when implementing a third-party solution.

What is a Hospital Call Center or Phone System?

Today, patients need to have strong relationships with their care providers. The last thing they want is a busy receptionist, or to be put on hold. Patients have multiple options when it comes to choosing a care provider. By prioritizing customer service you immediately become their first choice.

A call center allows you to quickly respond to patient requests and minimize the need for putting patients on hold entirely. You’ll also be able to reduce the burden that generally falls on your administrative staff and free them up for other tasks.

A hospital call center can either be integrated into the hospital or completely outsourced to a third-party provider. The key, no matter which direction you take, is proper training on protocols and customer service.

You not only need to ensure that patient information remains protected, but you need to implement a system for promoting customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using a Hospital Call Center Provider

A call center provider will help to elevate the level of service your hospital can provide. After all, hospitals are built upon providing stellar care and investing in relationships.

Often, your call center will be the first point of contact with a new patient, and an ongoing source of information over the long-term. For this reason, it’s important to take this initial point of contact seriously.

Below we examine the biggest benefit your hosting will receive when using a hospital call center:

1. Improve Patient Satisfaction

Often, patients will be reluctant to use the phone as the sole line of communication, because it’s thought of as slow, or they don’t want to go through an automated phone sequence.

Most people will actually abandon the call if they’re put on hold for too long, or have to wade through multiple automation steps without talking to an actual human.

With a call center, you can provide your patients with a dedicated and knowledgeable service rep right away. Plus, with integrated cloud data solutions, your representatives will have access to ongoing customer data for personalized support.

2. Improve Overall Patient Engagement

It’s important to offer your patients multiple forms of communication with your hospital. Whether that’s email, live chat, online resources, or phone support. The most important element is providing live contact with your service representatives.

However, phone contact still remains the preferred method of contact, so offering a stellar phone experience is absolutely necessary. A call center can help to ensure you can offer your patients knowledgeable support whenever they decide to get in touch.

3. Improve Patient Management Process

In some settings, you’ll have to follow-up and continually manage patients. Whether it’s for payment or continued treatment. Often you’ll need to accomplish tasks like a post-discharge follow-up, reminders for an upcoming appointment, satisfaction surveys, and even deliver patient care guidelines.

With a call center, you can better manage these different types of calls, along with integrated software to help better manage your contacts.

4. Grow Hospital Referrals and ROI

Satisfied patients will refer others to your hospital when they’re in need of care or treatment. With a call center solution behind you, your patients will feel taken care of from the very start.

Not only does this mean that patients are much more likely to return for treatment, but you’ll also increase your chances of positive referrals. Call centers are typically thought of as having a very high ROI across the board.

By using a hospital call center provider you'll be able to transform and improve your patient relationships. In turn, this will result in happier patients, more referrals, and a more efficient organization across the board.

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